[Namron] Casting and setting dates for MACBETH

a a princeisabitteroldman at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 1 14:42:14 PDT 2010

The Baron and Baroness of Eldern Hills have given me permission to do the play 
at Eldern and I'm planing do so.Those dates are April 22-24 of next year..We 
might do the play at Namron or Wiesenfeuer later but for now I need actors who 
are willing to go to Eldern.You don't need to do the show at Eldern to be in a 
later performance and vice versa but for now I'm looking for folks who can come 
to Eldern.I have myself in the title role and Duchess Vanessa is cast as Lady 
MacDuff.Still not sure about Lady Macbeth, so there's a big lady's role still 
available.Duke Michael and Baron Artorius have said they're willing to be in 
it,though they're not completely certain they'll be available.Other than that 
all roles are still open so I need to know soon who wants to join me so I can 
make some decisions and start making some plans.There's a faculty member From 
Cameron U. I met this weekend at Samhain and I'd like to get in touch with 
him;if someone would ask him for me if he wants to play "Ross" and maybe a few 
other roles I'd appreciate it.Also please give him my e-mail address as I don't 
think he's on the Eldern Hills list yet.I intend to let most of my actors use 
their scripts on stage;you don't need to memorize all the lines.{I have 
memorized all 700 or so of MY lines so I don't feel I'm being unfair by giving 
myself the lead}There are many small roles and I'd like to have a lot of actors 
so that we don't all need to play multiple roles.Please e-mail me soon if you 
are willing and able to help.
P.S. Happy Birthday to Aonghas of Namron!


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