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Unto Namron,

This was a list handed out by our B&B at the November Populace meeting... I've 
just taken the liberty of retyping the list to post here.  :)   Most of these 
projects could be done really quickly if we get a couple folks working on them.  
I will have sewing machines and fabric at the December A&S meeting so that we 
can work on them there... if you have a machine and would like to help out, 
please bring it with you and show up at The Hidden Castle at 6:30.

Namron Baronial Projects
Below are a few projects we would like to complete for the Barony.  If you want 
to volunteer for one please contact us at excellencies at namron.ansteorra.org.  We 
can give you more details.

Add ties to the lyst dags
Got covers
New protector banners (contact us about this one)
Kneeling Pillows (Lady Droen is working on these)
Finish Chair bags
Silk Banners
Painting the lyst poles
New protector shields
Spear stand for the Baronial spears
New covers for the Baronial spears


Lady Droen O'Rourke
Namron Minister of Arts & Science

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