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Namron Seneschal

Namron Populace Meeting 11/02/10

Norman Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

  Meeting began at 7:40 pm

*Herald:* Announcements and reports need to be kept to less than 3 
minutes each, we are trying to shorten the business portion and get on 
with the activity of socializing after the meeting.

*Barone & Baronessa: *Any new people here tonight? We want to talk about 
the great things that happened this month: Lord Eynon came in 2nd place 
at Virtue. We had an excellent event with Axeman-thank you Vincenti and 
Charles. Tadhg and crew did an excellent nobles luncheon and tavern was 
wonderful.  We have coronation this weekend and on the 19th we will be 
having a Namron caravan down to BAM. We will be having another planning 
meeting in the next week or so for BAM. All officers please tell a short 
version of what your job is.

*Seneschal: *I am the legal representative of the Barony and I help with 
keeping the B & B informed.  We have received a bid for Beltane 2011, we 
will close the applications for a Beltane bid at the December Pop 
Meeting. If there is anyone who would be interested in submitting a bid, 
please do so, send an email to our B & B and myself.

*Treasurer: *I handle the financial part of the Barony.  The profit from 
Protectorate and feast is $1,456.49. As of October 1st we have a 
checking balance of $10,113.00.

*Herald: *I have received 1 submission so far, thank you Wolfgong. I 
would like to invite anyone who has a submission to contact me and I can 
help you with that.  I want to thank everyone that has been helping out 
with site heralds, Lord Linus especially. Look forward to learning more.

*Chronicler: *I put together the newsletter for the Barony.  The new 
information from the Kingdom level is that with any submissions of any 
type of art work, pictures etc. there must be a release submitted with 
it. I am wanting to get releases up on the website.

*Knights Marshal: *I am the safety officer of the Barony for Chivalric 
Combat.  I also teach and make sure all are safe. We have practices on 
Wednesday around 7:30-8:00 pm at Sellars Park at 82nd and South Villa.

*Hospitaler: *I am the PR guy for the Barony. I am a public liaison for 
any new people that are interested in the Barony. I head the welcome 
wagon and have loaner gear.  I am currently working on gathering photos 
of people doing different activities in the SCA. Please email or hand 
them to me with releases so I can put into a press kit.

*Archery Marshal: *It has been an honor serving a little over a year as 
your Archery Marshal, but I will be stepping down, my current position 
as Herald is keeping me quite busy. The office will be accepting 
applications until the end of this Pop meeting.  My job is running 
target archery, I have loaner equipment and will be having combat 
archery equipment also. I want people to keep shooting.

*Thrown Weapons: *It is the live steel (such as knife, axe and spear) 
that are thrown at targets. You can make throwing axes made out of ratan 
and they can be used in combat (talk with Alexander about that).  I have 
served my 2 years and I will be stepping down. So I am opening my office 
up for applications at this time.

*Webminister: *not present at this time, but is stepping down from his 
position and  is opening his office up for applications at this time.

*Rapier Marshal: *I run the rapier practices for the Barony. We have 
safe and fun with Rapier combat.  Beginners are welcome to come out, we 
have loaner gear and will be getting new gear.  Practice is on Tuesdays 
at 7pm at Sellars Park at 82nd and South Villa.

*Herald: *Open the Court of the Stellar Majesties and their Excellencies 
of Namron:  call Lord Jacques Ball forward, to receive Sable Talon of 

*A & S: *My job is the cheer everyone on, work with anyone doing any 
sort of Art or Science in Ansteorra.  Our official A & S night is the 
2nd Monday of each month.  At our November meeting, November 8th, HE 
Adena will be teaching crewel embroidery during the meeting. It is held 
at my home, the address is on the Plume. December meeting we will be 
working on making more SCA signs. January HE Donnchadh will be teaching 
silk banner painting.  I am looking for donations of A & S materials- 
thread, embroidery hoops, material or money to purchase items.

*B & B: *we have a small list of items that could be worked on at A & S 
that would benefit the Barony.

*Herald: *Closed Court.

Meeting ended 8:05 pm

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