[Namron] Namron Officers Notes 11-15-10

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If there are any corrections that need to be made, please include me in 
the reply so I can keep a corrected copy for my records.


Namron Seneschal

Namron Officers Meeting
11/15/10 7:30pm

*Seneschal: *Working on inventory list and will be putting on website 
once new website created. Want to begin working on a list of sites 
available in Oklahoma, Deputy Aonghas will be working with me on this 

*Thrown Weapons: *My office is open, have not received any applications 
yet.  Will be stepping down at the December Pop meeting.

*Archery: *New to the position, but have had 1 practice. Will be working 
on back stops, making them easier to set up and to transport.

*A & S: *Not present

*Hospitilar: *working on press kit, been following up with phone calls.  
People are offering photos, but have not been getting alot sent in. Will 
need release from the photographer with photos.  Thinks its a good idea 
to have a small potluck for newcomers on a monthly basis.

*Webminister: *Not present

*Knights Marshal: *want to work toward more classes once Sir Burke and 
Sir Owen are available. Practices going well with newcomers coming and 
getting the waivers signed.

*Chronicler: *Not present

*MOC: *Not present

*Treasurer: *Not present

*Herald: *Not present

*Rapier: *attendance has been up for practices, will need to get the 
rapier loaner weapons ordered soon.

*B & B: *would like for Hospitilar and Seneschal to get in contact with 
the Norman paper and possible the OKC paper and put in a blurb about the 
Baronesses Toy Tournament on November 28th from 11 am - 4pm at Camp 
Dakani.  Would like to get the information out to the public.  Good idea 
to have a once a month or once a quarter newcomers night where we have a 
pot luck just for the newcomers.

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