[Namron] Returning from BAM

Orlando orlando at agilejedi.com
Sun Nov 21 17:13:40 PST 2010

The Namron caravan is almost home and we just wanted to let everyone know what a great time we had. Namron showed up with both chivalric and rapier forces as well as combat archers. On both fields we fought well and have many new war stories for the fire. The great pavilion looked impressive on the field and provided shelter for Namron's populace between scenarios. 

Master Tadhg, as Bordermarch's bardic champion, hosted the bardic tournament. Lord Eynon was taken as a squire by Sir Ysfael and was awarded the sable talon. Andrew fought in his first melee and Tiberious fought in his first BAM.

Finally, we want to thank everyone who helped setup and teardown the baronial pavilion. 

In service,
HE Orlando and HE Caterina

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