[Namron] Prices for the New Pavillions

Barone Orlando Di Gilead orlando at agilejedi.com
Mon Nov 29 12:19:51 PST 2010

   We are planning to purchase new pavilions for the Barony. We have shopped
around for a few months and believe that we have found the most equitable
deal. These 2 pavilions below use the same size poles and walls as our
existing panther pavilion. Since the poles are 7 foot they will work better
as display tents during Med Fair. They both have an 18 foot edge which
matches the 18 foot edge on the current high peak pavilion.
With interchangeable parts and matching edges they should be good choices.
The financial committee will poll the populace at the next meeting. We plan
to purchase both tents. Here are the 2 quotes:

18X24 (low peak for A&S tent and populace viewing tent at events)

12X18 (for water bearing, lyst nistress and other uses)

in service,
HE Orlando Giovanni

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