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> If there are any corrections that need to be made, please include me 
> in the reply so I can keep a corrected copy for my records.
>  YIS,
> Margherita
> Namron Seneschal
> Namron Populace Meeting 12/06/11
> West Wind Unitarian Universalist Congregation
> Meeting began 7:35 pm
> *Baronessa: *What a Yule!!! Namron received a lot of awards: Ayesha 
> and Vincenti received the Flint and Steel; Adena received her Pelican; 
> Terric received his Sable Crane; Bea from Skorragardr and Mic from 
> Namron received Iris of Merit; Margherita received her thistle and 
> Donnchadh won the bardic competition. Then the day after we got a ton 
> of people authorized: Muriel and Itheral were authorized in combat 
> archery and siege; Alexander was authorized in combat archery; Kylee 
> was authorized as a siege marshal and Vincenti was authorized as an 
> authorizing marshal in siege. Antonia and I were authorized at BAM in 
> combat archery. So Namron has a lot more people who have gotten 
> authorized to help at War. I want to thank Alicia for bearing the cold 
> to do the water bearing at NRFP, it was appreciated and Thank you to 
> Dame Alix and Baroness Annabelle for everything they did with Father 
> Christmas at Yule, we had 50 children who benefited from it.There are 
> some extra toys left if anyone would like to purchase them. The money 
> goes toward buying stuff to make items for next year. The silent 
> auction (for Father Christmas toys) raised over $200 to go towards 
> next year.HE Orlando will be here for Populace meeting in January.He 
> will be arriving sometime on December 25^th and leaving out January 
> 8^th .
> *Seneschal: *The report from officer meeting should be short; there 
> were only 3 officers and the Baronessa available for the meeting. We 
> are all gearing up for Gulf War and working on projects. We have 3 
> officer positions open: Chivalric, which will close tonight, since we 
> have received 2 applications; A&S, which will remain open, no 
> applications so far; Herald is opening tonight, anyone interested in 
> this position should send an application to HE Caterina, Northern 
> Regional Herald and I. If you don't know how to do so, please contact 
> either HE Caterina or myself and we can help you with that. The Herald 
> position will close for applications at the end of January Pop 
> meeting, so get those applications in. We have a Med Faire 
> Coordinator, which is Lord Bucello.We are still open for Beltane 
> autocrat. Beltane will be held the 1^st weekend of June this year. 
> Please let HE Caterina and myself know if you are interested in 
> autocrating the event and get your bid in.*Hospitaler: *not much going 
> on, I am wanting to get some contact cards made up, so I can be 
> handing them out. If anyone has any suggestions on what to be putting 
> on them or where to go get them made, please contact me 
> lori.kazee at gmail.com <mailto:lori.kazee at gmail.com>. We need pants and 
> skirts for loaner gear. If anyone has any material to donate, that 
> would be appreciated also. I would like to have a sewing day in 
> January to make some loaner gear, it will be after officers meeting 
> which is the 3^rd Monday of January (January 16^th , 2012) after the 
> officers meeting. There will be sewing machines and if you could come 
> by and help cut or sew it would be appreciated. It will be at the 
> Hidden Castle in Norman.
> *Treasurer: *We had one check to bounce from Protectorate for $75, but 
> I am getting in contact with the person to get it taken care of. Our 
> current checking account balance is $9,669.78.
> *Knights Marshal: *I will be stepping down in January and I want you 
> all to know that it has been my greatest honor to serve the barony. I 
> have done everything in my power to make the Barony and the B&B's 
> dream come true. We are having practice at Sellers Center at 7pm every 
> Wednesday. We are planning another NRFP for the Sunday after Winter 
> Kingdom to be held in Northkeep. Look to the list more information 
> will be coming.
> *Archery Marshal: *We are having practices every Sunday, unless there 
> is a local event and it's not freezing. In addition to all those that 
> did get authorized we also have a few others to name from other 
> baronies, so the North is doing well with getting authorized. HE 
> Kiegan from Northkeep was authorized in Siege; Lord Cian from 
> Northkeep was also authorized as a combat archery marshal, so there 
> were several from Northkeep and Wiesenfeuer that got authorized for 
> siege and combat archery. Also remember the Moonescehadow Mayhem which 
> is in February will be another chance to get authorized.
> *Herald: *not present
> *Rapier Marshal: *not present
> *Web Minister: *not present
> *Minister of Children: *not present
> *Lord Wolfgang: *I would like to present Lord Bucello with the Sable 
> Spike, I will be handing over the Medieval Faire duty to you, good 
> luck and may God have mercy on your soul J
> *Ann-Marie (Med Faire Coordinator): *tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday) 
> HUD project at Crossroads Mall at 1 pm anyone interested in loading 
> packages please show up. Also on Saturday we have the Norman Christmas 
> Holiday Parade. The Med Faire is planning on having a float and would 
> enjoy having anyone that would like to walk with us. Our number is #7 
> for lineup. There will be Fair cast members lining up at the East 
> parking lot of the Norman High School. They are meeting at 8:30am the 
> Parade starts promptly at 10am. There is the Kiwanis pancake breakfast 
> at Norman High that begins at 6am if you want to stay warm. You can 
> even wait to show up until 9:30 am if you don't want to stand out in 
> the cold. I have also brought some of the Med Faire brochures.
> *Baronessa: *also forgot to mention Yergin (Cynthia and Dean's son) 
> was the Youth subtlety winner.
> *Mistress Stacia: *The raffle I will have tonight is continued from 
> the raffle I had to raise money for the walk in at Camp 
> Cimarron---every dollar over $500 that I raise will be going to Father 
> Christmas fund.
> *Mastir Tadhg: *There will be an Orphans Christmas to be held at our 
> house. I will put more information on the list for directions and time.
> *Margherita: *Also if anyone is interested in earning money for the 
> barony by volunteering time for the barony, there will be a car show 
> in February, where Lord Galen from Skorragardr will be our liaison, if 
> you are interested in donating your time, they will pay the Barony 
> $8/hour for you to drive some really cool cars from building to 
> building. You must commit to either a half a day or a full day (4/8 
> hour). You must be over 18 and must have a valid driver's license. Be 
> looking to the list for more information.
> *Lady Alicia: *I want to thank Lady Kyna, because she saw a homeless 
> man and gave him two blankets. Thank you for your generosity.
> *Mistress Stacia: *This is wonderful, this is the time of the year 
> where we can do something to help others. Be thinking of others who 
> may not have anything or any place to stay.
> Meeting adjourned at 8:05pm
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