[Namron] [Wiesenfeuer] GW Registration has started!

Doug Copley doug.copley at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 05:21:47 PST 2011

Yes, when you register it not only asks what Kingdom but it also asks
"Group Camping With_____________________"

When they do the print outs and land assignments for the Kingdom the 
print outs are organized in alphabetical order so Namron, Barony of 
Namron, Wiesenfeuer are all different groupings so we have to sort them 
out to make sure that everyone gets with the group and each group gets 
the land they should have.

If everyone just lists it as "Barony of Namron" for the group it will be 
easiest. We had several people from Wiesenfeuer camped with Namron at 
last GW and it was great!

We will be in a much better location this year, up closer to the 
Ansteorran gate. We will have our camp shower again along with our 
Baronial tent, cook tent, and meal plan this year.


On 12/30/2011 4:55 AM, caitrinscottage at aol.com wrote:
> If you want to camp with a certain group (ie Namron/Wiesenfuer) is there
> a place to notate that when you register?
> Can't wait to go as our last Gulf Wars was " Gulf Wars 4" ;-)
> Caitrin
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> And the prize for the first confirmed reservation with the "Barony of
> Namron" group goes to ......
> Wait for it .....
> Antonia & Lorenzo!!!!
> We have started:-)
> YIS,
> Vincenti
> GW XXI Coordinator for Namron

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