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Namron Seneschal

Namron Populace Meeting 7/5/11
West Wind Unitarian Universalist Congregation

Meeting began at 7:35pm

*B&B *Hello Namron, how is everyone doing? Hope everyone had a good 4^th 
of July weekend.Crown is coming up this weekend; we will be unable to 
attend as Uncle Sam has something for me to do. We do have a couple of 
hopefuls from Namron competing. Laurel's Prize Tournament is coming up 
also, August 27^th . We have Water Wars on August 6^th at the Twin Lakes 
in Shawnee. Also Round Table on July 16^th , for anyone interested in 
how the offices are run or are interested in becoming an officer should 
attend. Academy of the Rapier is coming up also, get with Jacq if anyone 
is interested in going, it will be at the same time as the Steppes 
Artisan. That will be where you have a body of work and bring your 
documentation. We are going to try and have the trebuchet out at water 
wars. This will be my last Pop meeting for a while, as most of you know 
I am being deployed July 28^th to Kuwait. Lord Vincenti will be having a 
class on crossbows after Pop meeting tonight.

*Seneschal: *My report was that I have appointed another deputy 
seneschal, Lady Antonia, she is going to work with me this summer about 
the inventory day. I want to encourage anyone that may have baronial 
property to bring it to the inventory day (which will be put on the list 
when I have decided a day) so that we can get a correct account on all 
of the baronial property. If you are an officer, you may bring me a list 
of the current equipment that you may have for your office also. I also 
think it will be a good idea to take photographs of all the past down 
regalia that we have for our champions.The Treasurer and Hospitaler 
offices are open til tonight s Pop meeting, we have received 
applications in each of these offices and will post on the list when a 
decision has been made. I wanted to mention that the Chronicler position 
is now open, anyone that is interested please fill out the application 
from the Kingdom website and send it to Their Excellencies, NR 
Chronicler and myself. Report from the Chivalric Marshal was about 
having 10-12 fighters and a couple of weeks ago having a total of 28. 
They are also going to start having a "traveling" practice where the 
last practice of the month they will be going to different locations to 
practice. Anyone interested in getting a ride or finding out more 
information needs to contact Lord Alexander or Master Aethelstan. Lord 
Alexander is also working on getting a NRFP scheduled at least once a 
month to work in the larger groups. Treasurer report was that her office 
was open, nothing new to report. 7 officers were not present at the 
officers meeting, then Lord Aonghas spoke about how when he was Kingdom 
Deputy MOC that it was always very important to make meetings. Also he 
also had attended the 2 cub scout demos and the 1^st one did not have 
anyone in charge and he felt that we should have someone to be a contact 
or in charge at any of the demos in the future. Baronessa agreed about 
the importance of officers needing to make meetings, but she does 
understand that this is a volunteer organization and that we would make 
sure at the next demo someone was appointed in charge for the demo.

*Chronicler: *not present


*Webminister: *not present

*A & S: *not present

*MOC: *not present

*Chivalric Marshal: *not present

*Rapier Marshal: *We are still holding the practices on Tuesday at 7pm 
at Earlywine Park next to the YMCA. At our last practice we had 14 
fighters, we have a lot of enthusiastic people wanting to learn about 
rapier. We are working on drills from books from 16^th century and are 
reviewing them each week. We are always in need of loaner equipment. I 
am also letting you know that my officer position is now open. I am 
stepping down as baronial rapier marshal as I have been chosen for 
Northern Regional Rapier Marshal.

*Archery Marshal:*I will be giving a class after Pop tonight over 
crossbows, different types etc. It has been hot lately and we have been 
unable to hold practice, but I have changed the time to noon to 2pm to 
try and miss part of the heat. 2 months ago, we had an archer who made 
the rank of Forrester, but he hasn't been at any of the Pop meetings or 
archery practice in order to get his tassel. Baron Donnchadh here is 
your red tassel for Forrester in the Open Bow Division, which is an 
average of 65 or better.

*Hospitaler: *I want to thank you all, it has been my please to serve 
you as your Hospitaler. I look forward to working with whomever takes my 
place to help them get started in the office and help the barony.

*Baroness Gwenth: *I have some yellow squash here for anyone interested; 
it is from my neighbors' garden. I also would like to pass the hat 
around for anyone who would like to donate to go towards the dishes for 
Their Majesties.

*B & B: *We talked with Kingdom concerning the price of Laurels Prize 
Tournament gate fee. They decided to keep the price at $10 but to get 
rid of a child price. We want to thank you Chris for doing a great job 
as Hospitaler. It appears that we raised $43.50 to go towards the 
Majesties plates.

*Mistress Stacia: *want everyone to know that there will be birthday 
cake for me next Monday night at the hidden castle and you are all 
welcome to come and join me with eating it.

Meeting adjourned at 8pm

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