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I have been asked what is Mongolian style entertainment I hope this helps
Mongolian throat singing is the traditional technique, known locally as Khoomi. Sounds are produced from very deep in the throat creating an odd yet melodic form of song.
Folk songs always use figurative description to describe things. For example, at the beginning of an ancient folk song named Two Black Horses of Genghis Khan, the words are: "They're like two pearls; they're like two golden flowers; they're like two falling stars -- and they are the two horses of Genghis Khan. Their mane is like fire; their heads are like two crescents; they are graceful like deer; and their tails are like rainbows." 
The horse head fiddle (morin khuur), supposedly sounds like a wild horse neighing. Played with a bow, the fiddle has two strings. The headstock is intricately carved into the head of a horse.
The yatga is a traditional Mongolian instrument, they are commonly found with 21 strings, however other variants are also popular. The body is a long wooden box angled downwards at one end and laid across the knees. The strings are plucked with the fingernails of the right hand. The left hand is used to vary the notes produced by the strings.
The most famous dance are the Jinai dance (milking dance), the Caihong dance (rainbow dance), the Zhongwan dance (bowl dance), the Kuaizi dance (chopsticks dance), and the Andai dance. 
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