[Namron] The Quest - A forgotten thanks is required.

SBarrett barrett1 at cox.net
Sun May 1 01:50:03 PDT 2011

While offering my thanks to those who assisted in the quest whilst in evening court in Beltaine, there were a few thank-yous I regret that I overlooked.

Baroness Myleah portrayed the Cheshire Cat with distinction and craft, and was always ready with a smile, no matter the motivations of her character. She was looked to for clues and hints, and was consistant in her deceptions.

She has my thanks, and my deepest apologies that I did not mention her.

Also, I should like to thank Ld. Isaac Bane, who was of great assistance in setting up the Tea Party for the Quest. He was under no obligations, but offered to help out of simple generousity. He is the sort who makes the game so precious to so many of us. 

He has my thanks, and my deepest apologies that I did not mention him.

Ldy. Shanna was of especial help in that she volunteered her site token saftey pin when the crotch on my slacks blew open.

She has my deepest thanks, but I would not mention this incident, as it could be seen as boastful.

I should like to thank the all those who offererd proper crockery for the tea party and helped us get it to the Quest.

I should like to thank Tall Toad Hatters for my fine head gear.

I should like to thank Baron Duncan for his work as the White Rabbit, but I see no need to encourage him.

(seriously, thanks gang, it was fun)
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