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Her Excellency and I would like to thank everyone who helped with Beltane
this year. It seemed that everyone in the Barony pulled together to make
this a great success. Below, I'd like to highlight a few things that we
noticed. If we miss something them please add it.

We arrived to a very windy site Friday morning. Our small crew was able to
get all of the pavilions and the showers setup fairly quickly. We had
several people helping including HL Wolfgang, Lord Vincinti, Lord Robert OTF
and our autocrats Lord Eynon and Lady Melina. I'm sure I missed someone.
Either way, the wind was strong enough that one of the grommets on the
baronial pavilion blew out. Fortunately, Master Tadgh was able to skillfully
replace the grommet that evening and we were able to make use of the

The gate shifts ran very smoothly. Thanks mostly to Baroness' Annabell and
Adeana stepping in at the last minute. Lady Collette and Lord Tigernacht did
an excellent job organizing the tavern. We were all fed very well while Lady
Alicia was busy keeping us hydrated with water bearing. Not to mention,
Baroness Kathryn's breakfast for the nobles/royals was exquisite!

At morning court the Storm Guard presented the Queen with a stuffed pig,
lovingly created by Lady Margherita, to warm her feet on, while the rapier
forces presented a basket to Her Highness. Both sets of royals were quite
pleased with these offerings.

 We'd like to thank Lord Linus for arranging the spang hewing and the May
Pole! The children had a great time. The noble's luncheon arranged by
Dutchess Vanessa and Lady Veronique was absolutely delicious and the
Brewing competition held by HL Mathias, behind the royal thrones, was
nothing less than brilliant (I know His M. and His H. were pleased).

The thrown weapons competition arranged by our outgoing champion Lord Ray ap
Dewey was very challenging and the Archery championship organized by HL
Samuel ap Dewey was quite exciting for those who participated AND for those
who watched.

Olaf Njordson of Eldern Hills organized an epic celtic competition while
Lord Lawrence of the Greenwood ran a fun and challenging archery shoot for
the children. Lord Alexander and his crew put together a leathal Jabberwoky
while HE Jean Fernald and Lord Jacq were entertaining everyone with tavern
brawls and musical chairs.

Master Tadhg, Mistress Alix and Mistress Stacia along with Lady Antonia did
an excellent job getting the A&S competition together but of course no one
will forget the Quest. Arranged by Master Finnican, the quest was the
highlight for many of Namron's guests, especially newcomers.

The evening activities were quite entertaining. We can't thank Master Ettien
enough for making the bardic championship so memorable. While Lord Chris and
Lady Bella's musical stylings were a great opening to the revel!

Of course we couldn't forget to mention the crew that helped tear down in
the icy cold rain on Sunday, including our newest Lady, Lady Sherrla, HL
Wolfgang and the rest of our usual entourage.

We can't possibly have remembered everything. We haven't mentioned the new
champions. We will save that for another missive. Many others helped in so
many ways. We thank our scribes for the great and thankless work they do,
 Especially HL Nicolea.

We would like to especially thank Lord Eynon. This was his first time
autocrating and he worked tirelessly to ensure that everything was perfect
for us and for the Barony. Job well done!

yours in service,

Orlando Giovanni and Caterina Giovanni
Lord and Lady of Skorragardr
Barone il Baronessa Namron

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