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Pukhta 'Pooky' Lovtsevich pookyloves at gmail.com
Thu May 5 00:17:10 PDT 2011

On 5/2/11, Barat <master.barat at gmail.com> wrote:
> There are two people in my life I wish my wife could have met. One is my
> mother, the other is Mairin.

Oh gawds yes! I read this email a couple hours ago and since then my
mind has been filled with visions of the friendship between your dear
lady wife and Mairin. They would have Really liked each other and
would have totally enjoyed the times they would have shared over the
last ten years, with the projects! Especially of great blessing would
have been the inclusion of your children in Mairin's life with Stephen
earning extra mullah for helping with projects around her house and
the babies... whewwee how she would love as much baby visit time as
she could get. I've envisioned the afternoons they'd have spent
together and the happy emotions both would have mutually perpetuated
in each others hearts. I'd of enjoyed years worth of good banter time
with you which would have been really great!

"Sometimes alternate paths seem more obvious than the ones we tread." ~ Pooky

It's hard to imagine I've known Jacquiline less than ten years. My
love for her is such an indelible part of my heart, it feels as though
she must be one of the original friends I have known and loved

> On 5/2/11 3:51 PM, a a wrote:
>> I didn't know her well but I remember her as a lovely lady.Here's a link I
>> found:
>> http://sandradodd.com/people/obituaries/sca
>> Thanks for the reminder,Pooky.We should remember our friends.I'll be
>> thinking
>> think of you and her today.
>>                       Edward

This was an amazing blessing, thank you for sharing! I hadn't seen
this obituary (or don't have the recall of the memory). Thank you
Tadgh an Maleah for the kind words and feelings so long (or so
recently) ago.

It was an emotional time for me back then. Along with her passing was
my Grandfathers, he who began my hands. I had taken care of him for
over a year 24/7/365 minus 5 days off and was closing on his house the
week Mairin passed. I was hoping she would be on this planet another
week or two so I could hold her in my arms, for all that time, so I
could keep my arms around her and hold on tight, preventing her from
ever letting go.

Thank you everyone for the healthy tears,
Mairin's Lord

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>> Ten years can seem like a long winters day
>> Ten years can seem like a spring season without ever seeing the moon
>> Ten years can seem like 3,653 days each experienced as the defening
>> clicking of life's clock
>> Ten years can seem like a grey eternity with the loss of love worn as
>> a veil over the soul
>> Ten years can seem like every reason to cherish the sweetness of
>> experiences shared, to absorb the joyous memories, to breathe in
>> awareness, and to value the pleaseantriies of felloswhip, artistry,
>> and love
>> See you soon enough my love,
>> Mairin ferch Howell (6-26-47 ~ 4-31-01)
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Every moment within the SCA is a precious gift. A precious gift wherein we
might create the memories of every lifetime. Every lifetime of happiness and
joyful memories is The~Dream!

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