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Just passing this along. 


Unto the Northern Region of Ansteorra Does Mistress Ceridwen Give Good 

Summer is coming and the eventing season is definitely in high gear. There are 
many wonderful events both within this Region and throughout our beloved 
Kingdom. If, however, your travel plans are keeping you closer to home, or if 
you desire to see improvements continue at two of the most frequently used and 
beloved sites in these Northern Lands, have I got opportunities for you!

Next weekend, Saturday, May 14th there is a scheduled work weekend atCamp DaKaNi 
in Oklahoma City between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. This is an opportunity to help the 
Heart of Oklahoma Council of Camp Fire prepare for the many children already 
signing up for this year's summer camp. We have obtained the funds for the 
reconstruction of the second bridge and Baron D'Alder and Gary White have a long 
list of chores that need doing. If you have questions about what is needed, 
etc., please contact Gary White at gjacbw at yahoo.com or Baron D'Alder at 
wolfstaralphax at gmail.com.

Below is the schedule of workdays at Camp Cimarron, materials and skills needed, 
and two contacts from Camp Fire/Friends of Cimarron who are coordinating our 
efforts. I will be attending the May 21st work day and will be bringing large 
portions of my Viking Centurion Johann's smoked meats. Anyone able to join us, 
please bring sides & drinks. I know that both Debbie McBee and Michelle 
Swedlow, our intrepid Cimarron Restoration Coordinators (cool title I just made 
up!) would love to hear from folks who are planning on attending in advance to 
assist them with planning. Do, however, feel free to just show up at any of the 
below given dates!

We are hoping to meet the needs not only of our Camp Fire kids, but also the 
needs of those groups that have traditionally rented our camps. When you come 
out to help, you have a direct line to those people on the committee responsible 
for the camp's maintenance and improvement. They are more than eager to hear 
about the needs and concerns of our friends who use our camps. Also, when you 
do come to volunteer, be sure to sign our Volunteer Roster and identify yourself 
as a member of the SCA. We get deep discounts on the rental of the sites for 
our "sweat equity!"

Please feel free to forward this email to all and sundry. I am only on the 
Wiesenfeuer and Northern lists, so any assistance in forwarding to other group 
lists is greatly appreciated. I can be reached at this email address or on my 
cell phone at 580-401-0507 if you have any questions.

Thank you all in advance for your help!

Bright Blessings,
Mistress Ceridwen Tir Gwstraff


We have scheduled the workdays at Camp Cimarron. All workdays are from 9:00 
a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Our current wish list of skills includes:
Folks of all shapes, sizes and strengths who are willing to lift, haul, and
carry anything from light to heavy.
Journeyman Carpenter
Carpenters of any skill-level

The plan:
21 May - Cabins, Huts and Hilton

11 June - Collecting and staging trash for disposal (This is where we need
many available folks. Everyone can contribute to Camp Beautification)

25 June - renting a large dumpster and throwing away all trash, big and
small (This is where we need many available folks again.)

9 July, 23 July - Cabins, Huts, Hilton and begin work on Canodge.

Our current wish list of materials includes:
Table saw
Five 100' extension cords
Drills with bit sets and good torque. (Both drills with power cords and
cordless drills would be incredibly helpful.)
Nail guns with pneumatic air compression (Preferably Framing or Roofing
guns, not Trim-nailers) and Nails
2 ladders
2 hammers
2 screwdriver sets
Safety equipment: Goggles, hard hats, gloves (5 each or so)
Trash bags - 40-gal size is preferable, all kinds. The more durable the
Brooms and Dust pans, 20 ea

(Material and Labor contributions can be in the form of a loan or a
donation. If you would like to receive an acknowledgement letter of your
tax-deductible donation, let the POCs below know, so we can get a letter
created for you.)

Please RSVP for these workdays. Our plans depend on knowing who and how
many are coming to these workdays. There will be a sign-in process, so we
can build work-teams and ensure that everyone is safe while at the Camp.

The points of contact for volunteers to sign up for these work days are
Debbie McBee, debbie_mcbee at sbcglobal.net, (405) 740-8130, and Michelle
Swedlow, misnomerms at gmail.com, (405) 255-1352.

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