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This is everyone's chance to take part in the process of giving the 
Northern Region a name.


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Over the last 9 months there has been talk in the Northern Region about 
coming up with a name to use instead of a direction.  We have had 
numerous open meetings at announced events and discussions online as 
well.  The populace has come to the decision that we would like a name 
for the region and many names have been suggested.  This is a list of 
the names the way that they were submitted to me, Baron Cassius of 
Wiesenfeuer.  Some have long explanations and some have just the name 
that was submitted.

This is not a vote on any one name.

This is a survey to see what names that the populace would like to move 
forward and discuss and what names that they would not like to see 
discussed.  There is no space for comment on this survey.  We can 
discuss individual names on any list however I personally would like 
discussion to be on the northern list so more of the populace can see it.

This can be forwarded to any local list in the north so please send it 
out to them as I am not on all of the mailing lists in Northern Ansteorra.

Please take the survey only one time no matter how much you like a name.

Follow the link below and we will discuss the choices in the next month 
or so.

Cassius Lepus
Baron of Wiesenfeuer
Kingdom on Ansteorra

Northern mailing list
Northern at lists.ansteorra.org

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