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Namron Seneschal

Namron Populace Meeting

May 10, 2011

Norman Unitarian Universalist Church

Meeting began at 7:40 pm

*B & B: *How is everyone? We are really happy that we were able to 
finally down load the trailer to Phred the Shed. The last 6 months have 
been really busy with Gulf Wars, Med Faire and Beltane, really glad for 
a little breather.Everyone has really done a good job with all of our 
events. Our champions from Beltane are: Lord Vincenti is our A & S 
champion, William the Hound is our Brewing champion, Archery champion is 
a Thomas ap Dewi and he is 14 years old from Northkeep, Thrown Weapons 
champion is Sam ap Dewi, and Bardic champion is Master Andrixos 
Seljukroctonis from Calontir.Master Andrixos also named our Baronial 
Pavilion "Calm in the Storm". He is getting us an electronic version of 
his bardic piece, so we can share with all and have on the baronial 
website. We have coronation coming up this weekend in Ft Worth. How many 
people received awards at Beltane? Please stand up, Lord Buchello and 
Lady Sybilla received Torsades and Lady Sybilla also received Compass 
Rose. Lord Chris received Sable Storm and also Sable Crane. Lady 
Margherita received her Sable Crane. Lord Aonghas received Sable 
Thistle. Then we had Castellan this past weekend, where Namron had a lot 
of people competing. Marsha was the archery champion for her age group.

*Seneschal: *I want to start out with our format will be a little 
different from the past as we are going to have all officers to stand up 
and introduce themselves since we have some new faces here tonight and 
tell about their office and then I will go over our past officer 
meeting. My job as Seneschal is the legal person for the barony. I hold 
all meetings of the barony and make sure we follow the rules of our 
Kingdom. I am the peacemaker and over seer of the officers. I am 1/3^rd 
of the financial committee of the barony.I am now accepting bids for 
Protectorate. You need to send your bid for autocrat and for feastocrat 
to Their Excellencies and to myself by the next Populace meeting. We 
will close bids June 7^th for Protectorate autocrat and feastocrat bids. 
It looks that we will be having Protectorate at Camp Cimarron.We will 
also be having Water Wars the 1^st weekend of August (August 6^th ) at 
the Twin Lakes in Shawnee.Water Wars is where Namron and Wiesenfeuer 
come together and have various water games and a competition between the 
baronies and we also have a cook out. It is a no garb fun get together 
of our two baronies. I will put more specifics on the list when we get 
closer to the time.At the end of our meeting we will be having 2 
classes, HL Adena will be teaching courtly dance and HE Orlando will be 
teaching Iconography.

*Treasurer: *Hi I'm Adena and *I* am responsible for the financial 
bookkeeping of the barony and I am also 1/3^rd of the financial 
committee. I run the gate at all of the baronial events.

*Herald: *Hi I'm Robert of the Faire, I help people get their period 
names registered, get their device submission done. I answer questions 
that anyone may have concerning names and devices. I am also loud when I 
need to be.

*Chronicler: *not present due to mundane schoolwork with finals. But she 
records and publishes the baronial newsletter The Plume each month.

*A & S Minister: *not present due to family emergency. The minister of 
Arts & Science is here to assist newcomers and established members by 
helping them find an art or science that suits their lifestyle and 
inclinations, and providing answers by finding resources or an expert in 
the field.

*Rapier Marshal: *Hi I'm Lord Jacq; rapier is sword fighting like from 
the Princess Bride as opposed to Brave heart.I'm a safety officer that 
holds practices of this sort of fighting. At Wiesenfeuer Baronial we had 
several Namron fighters attending, Lord Lorenzo and HE Donnchadh had a 
really entertaining fight. We had several fighters at Beltane for our 
tavern brawl, Her Highness Gwen even stated that she would like to come 
and participate next year, because it looked like so much fun. We had 3 
Don's in attendance at Beltane, we also had 11 people at our practice in 
April.At Castellan we had a few fighters out there that participated in 
the grueling hour long fight, HE Orlando, Master Tadhg, and myself, to 
name a few. Also if anyone has any loaner gorgets, it would be 
appreciated, because we are having so many fighters at practice, we are 
running out of equipment for them.We have Queens Champion coming up, 
Eldern Hills and Steppes Warlord. Dark Wood Armory is planning on being 
at Steppes and will be available if anyone would like to look at swords 
that are used in our type of fighting. We hold practice each Tuesday at 
7pm. It has been at Sellers Park, but we may have a new location since 
Sellers will be closing early for summer months. Look to the list for 
announcements of new location.

*Knights Marshal: *not present due to mundane work. He is the safety 
officer that holds practice of the Brave heart type of fighting. 
Practice is held each week at Sellers Park at 7:00 pm. Heavy practice 
will still be at Sellers, with their summer hours, because they will 
have practice outside in the park.

*Hospitaler: *Hi I'm Lord Chris and I am the PR person for the barony. 
I'm considered the welcome wagon; I'm a face to make contact with and to 
get any new person to the right person to figure out what they are 
interested in. I want to thank everyone for all the help with our spring 
season of events, from Med Faire to Beltane. My term is up in July, 
anyone interested needs to send in an application to B & B, Seneschal, 
Regional Hospitaler and myself.

*Archery Marshal: *Hi I'm Lord Vincenti, and I want to talk about Thomas 
ap Dewi, 14 year old, who shot some the best archery he has ever shot to 
win Beltane and then turn around and won Northkeep archery. Lord 
Laurence and I also got our gold tassels at Beltane. We are like 4 & 5 
top ranked in the Kingdom. HE Donnchadh just reached Forrester rank this 
past weekend, so he is moving on up also. At Steppes Warlord which is 
coming up Memorial Day Weekend, they will be hosting the Royal Huntsman, 
in Canton, Texas. The Royal Huntsman will be held on Sunday afternoon 
and the Steppes Championship will be held on Saturday. I am the safety 
officer for the barony over archery. We hold practice each week on 
Sunday afternoon from 2pm to 4 pm.It is held at Lord Kristen's house at 
19300 SE 149^th street Newalla, OK

*Minister of Children: *not present. He is a wonderful person who 
ministers to the children. He has activities for children at our 
baronial events. HL Aonghas wants to let everyone know, since he has 
been a past MOC, that the MOC is not a babysitting service, if you want 
a babysitting service at an event you will have to supply your own.

*Webminister: *not present due to mundane school with finals. Her 
responsibility is keeping up the website for the Barony.Please visit 
www.baronyofnamron.org <http://www.baronyofnamron.org>for the latest 
news. You can find a copy of all the baronial newsletters as well as 
latest news of the barony and also members list, there is a lot of 
information about our Barony of the website.

*Seneschal: *At last officers meeting, we had a discussion of how often 
we should have officer meetings. I told the officers I would check to 
find out if there is a regulation on how often. I have not received any 
information back from our Regional Seneschal concerning my question, but 
after discussion with the populace, the B & B and the other officers, it 
has been decided that we will continue to have officers meetings monthly 
(3^rd Monday of each month) and that we will hold them at the Hidden 
Castle here in Norman. We will be having our regular scheduled officers 
meeting next Monday the 16^th at the Hidden Castle. Here is what was 
reported at the last meeting:*Knights Marshal: *practice picking up, we 
are having double digits of fighters attending; we received several 
pieces of armor donated from Karl Sturmfeuer (aka Fluffy) to the barony 
for loaner gear and weapons. I will also be getting my armor back 
together soon.*Herald: *has his first submission, thanks to Lord Jacq, 
will be working on office and learning new things. *Hospitaler: *as he 
stated, really good turn out the last few events, everyone doing a great 
job. Newcomers' encampment at Wiesenfeuer and the newcomers meeting went 
well, we will be having a newcomer's meal at Beltane. *Treasurer: *will 
be running gate with Paul (aka Pink) at Beltane. I have had no one to 
contact me interested in Treasurer, if anyone knows of anyone that 
isinterested please have them contact me, I will be stepping down in 
August, so applications need to go to B & B, Seneschal, Regional 
Treasurer and myself.Lord Buchello made the announcement that the 
refreshment tent went well at Med Faire, we went a little over budget, 
but we had Gatorade and stuff left over that could be used at Beltane.

*B & B: *we would like to call Marsha to come before us; did you have 
fun at Castellan? I hear you did a really good job in archery, since you 
won their archery competition. We want to thank you for representing our 
Barony and as a token of our appreciation we have something for you. 
They presented her with a token of their appreciation. Beltane was an 
absolute fantastic event, Their Highnesses and Their Majesties had 
nothing but good things to say about Namron. Barone Orlando said that he 
didn't know if you all know this, but there was a chance that he wasn't 
going to make Beltane this year because of the Army, but he was able to 
pull it off and make it this year. I want to thank everyone for making 
it such a wonderful event. I will not be able to make it next year as I 
will be in Kuwait.So that really made it nice to be able to attend this 
year. Thank you again to everyone in this Barony.

Meeting ended at 8:12 pm

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