[Namron] Namron Officer Meeting Notes May 2011

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Here are the meeting notes from our last officer's meeting:

*Seneschal:* I have heard back from the NR Seneschal concerning 
frequency of officer meetings, there is no actual requirement for how 
often meetings are held, it is up to the discretion of the Seneschal. 
But as I said at the Pop meeting, after discussion with other officers, 
populace, and the B & B, we will continue monthly officer meetings the 
3rd Monday of each month (unless rescheduled due to conflict) at the 
Populace Meeting I will give an overview of the officer reports, if the 
officer wants to given their own report, they can, they will just need 
to speak to me and the Herald prior to the meeting. If there are any new 
faces attending the meeting, then each officer will need to stand up 
when called upon and introduce themselves and tell about their office. 
In order to make these meetings more productive, I am thinking that 
instead of each officer having "goals" we can come to the meetings with 
any issues or problems or projects that as a group we can work on 
together in order to help or improve the Barony.

*Herald:* I have secured several heraldry books from Wolfgong, I need to 
work more with Jacq on his device. As a member of the rapier community, 
I want to tell you about the group on facebook called Salle de Storm 
Weasels, it is not a hidden group and it helps to promote rapier and 
people can post and discuss there.

*Hospitaler:* we are coming out of the main busy season; it's been a lot 
of fun and successful with having a lot of new people.  I will be 
stepping down in July. My goal is anyone who is wanting to take this 
office, that we get together and go over what their thoughts are for 
this office, to brainstorm together ways to improve this office and 
recruit people.

*Treasurer:* we need to pay more attention to what we are spending. With 
Beltane we might have broken even, I have not figured all the expenses. 
If you want to spend money, you must email or have in writing to all 3 
of the financial committee, not just one of us. With event bids we need 
to watch them closer and stay in line with them. All incidentals that we 
have we need to make an inventory and separate them into tubs and label 
them Beltane, Protectorate, Med Faire etc. That way we are not buying a 
lot of the same stuff for each event. We need to have a inventory work 
day and have all officers to bring what ever stuff that they have that 
belongings to the barony so we can keep track of it and know exactly 
what all we have.

*Archery Marshal:* At Beltane we had our Archery Championship that was 
won by Thomas ap Dewi, who is 14 so I will need to help him with next 
years and also his Uncle who is a marshal. Sometime this summer I would 
like to have a work day and build a shed out at Lord Christian's land 
where we hold practice in order to place all of the archery and thrown 
weapons equipment. Possibly have a cook out along with it.

*Rapier Marshal:* Having a lot of people at the practices each week. I 
would like to put out a post on the Salle de Storm Weasels page to find 
out how people found us and what their story is. We are in need of a 
couple of gorgets, we are having so many at practice we don't have 
enough equipment to go around. Also I would like to have a canvas bag in 
order to put the loaner equipment in.

*A & S Minister:* Deputy present, no report, but she will be back in the 
state by the 1st week in June, she has had mundane work and family 
issues to deal with, as to why she is absent.

*Webminister: *not present

*Chronicler: *not present

*Knights Marshal:* not present

*Minister of Children:* not present

*Baronessa:* we will be taking the Baronial pavilion to Warlord, there 
will be a caravan leaving HE Donnchadh's house about 6pm on Friday, if 
anyone wants to caravan along. We also got the Laurel's Prize Tourney 
Bid with Lady Antonia as the autocrat. Water Wars is August 6, 2011, 
11am to 6pm at Glen Collins Park at Twin Lakes in Shawnee.

*Lady AEla:* my suggestion is when you do inventory it's a good idea to 
have a digital camera and take pictures of everything and then get a 
flicker account or some sort of data base to have them on and have them 
accessible to the barony.

*HL Aonghas:* I agree that it is a good idea about the photos and you 
can use them for insurance purposes.

General discussion over Laurels Prize Tourney, we will be having 
planning meetings in the near future, to start getting all the kinks 
worked out. Discussion about a side board luncheon and possibly having 
donations. Lady Antonia looks forward to working with everyone, and she 
will appreciate all help she can get.


Margherita de Mantua
Namron Seneschal

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