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Also happening ...

HE Donnchadh made it to the finals of the Steppes Archery Championship 
and shot against Ironwrym. They tied each other 3 times in the finals. 
On the 4 time Ironwrym finally emerged victorious.

Samuel ap Dewi won the Thrown Weapons Tourney

Vincenti won the A&S display - Populace vote

We all had lots of fun:-)


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By my recollection, which is admittedly faulty, the following awards
were given in Royal courts throughout the weekend at Steppes Warlord:

House Crimson Blades - Acorn of the Steppes
Mace Longsword - Sable Falcon
Grainne Kathleen NicPadraig - Sable Thistle (Beading)
Dietrich Wyss - Sable Talon (Chivalric Combat)
Ivan Eiriksson - Compass Rose
Elec inghean Sheain - Order of the Oak of the Steppes
Honour du Bois - Order of the Oak of the Steppes
Kalida Aristana - Star of Merit
Saqra al-Kudsi - Star of Merit
Cian Rhys Gravenor - Royal Huntsman

Congratulations to you all on well deserved recognitions of your hard
work, skill, and dedication.

Duncan and Genevieve
Baron and Baroness of the Steppes
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