[Namron] August 2012 Populace Meeting Notes

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Tue Aug 7 21:40:05 PDT 2012

> Here are the notes from this month's Populace meeting. Please let me 
> know if there are any corrections to be made, so that I can correct my 
> records.
> Margherita
> Namron Seneschal
> West Wind Unitarian Universalist Congregation
> Norman, OK
> *B & B: *We have declared war with the Barony of the North 
> (Wiesenfeuer), we will be having Water Wars on Saturday August 4 at 
> 10am to 4pm at the Twin Lakes in Shawnee. Bring your families, the 
> baronies will be supplying the meat, bring a side dish.There will be 
> water games and also a swim in the lake.We will be painting the 
> pavilions on Monday at the Hidden Castle here in Norman at 
> 6:30pm.Namron is hosting Coronation, the next planning meeting is 
> scheduled for August 20^th at 7pm at the Hidden Castle.Kings Round 
> table went really well, since the last red tape, Namron has added 
> about 20 people.The Knights marshal will be speaking to this, but 
> there will be a Northern Regional Fighter Practice to be held on 
> August 25^th at Sellers Park in OKC.Following the populace meeting 
> there will be the Protectorate planning meeting and at the same time I 
> will be giving an autocrating class.Finally I have some Baronial 
> indulgences, (Namron Bumper Stickers) for $3 a piece or two for 
> $5.Please see her Excellency or myself after the meeting to pick yours 
> up if you want one. Her Excellency and myself paid for these 
> indulgences and no baronial funds were spent on these.
> *Seneschal: *We had closed the applications of A&S Minister, and we 
> have heard back this week from NR A&S and they chose Lady Veronique, 
> Lady Droen has sent in the report for this month, also there will be a 
> class on August 14^th at 6:30 here at the church with Mistress Gwyneth 
> who is teaching appliqué. Thank you to Lady Droen and thank you to the 
> applicants. MOC is open for applications, anyone interested fill out a 
> Kingdom officer application and send to Their Excellencies, NR MOC and 
> myself. We are accepting bids for Beltane Autocrats.We are on Easter 
> weekend this year, all of May was filled and it would have been the 
> 3^rd week of June as our other option. Please let Their Excellencies 
> and myself know if you are interested in autocrating Beltane.We have 
> our Med Fair Coordinators, Bucello and Wolfgang. Also, this is a 
> reminder that we are having our Populace meeting on the *1^st 
> Thursday* of each month.
> *Treasurer:*Currently we have $7,521.55 in our checking account.
> *Knights Marshal: *On Saturday August 25^th at noon we will be having 
> a NRFP at Sellers Park. I am going to see if possible to open it to 
> combat archery.*(HL Vincenti: *stated that it would not be possible to 
> have combat archery in the park since there is not enough room for the 
> safety.) Also every month, I want to have a NRFP somewhere here in the 
> North. I would like to be training as a group and fighting together as 
> a team. We hold our practices every Wednesday at 7pm here at Sellers 
> Park and on the nights that dancing is going on, we will be outside.
> *Rapier Marshal: *We are having our practices back at Sellers Park 
> starting next week at 7pm.Practices have been going well, with 
> interest from new people.
> *Archery Marshal:*Practice is every Sunday (unless canceled on the 
> list due to weather or event etc.) and due to the heat we have changed 
> practices so that they are 10 am to 12 Noon for at least the next 
> month or two. We do need a new Gulf War Coordinator for Namron since I 
> am going to be the Kingdom Land Coordinator this year and it is not 
> possible to do both.
> *Hospitaler: *Still looking at a possible demo here in Norman on the 
> 2^nd Friday of each month. Once it has cooled down some, might have a 
> better chance for more participation. It is called the Norman Art Walk.
> *Felemid: *This Saturday at the Ritz in Shawnee they will be hosting 
> an open house from 6pm to 10pm. everyone is invited to come out, there 
> are free performers.
> *Mastir Tadhg: *I am the autocrat for Axeman this year, this Sunday 
> will be the Skorragardr Populace meeting and also will have a planning 
> meeting for Axeman.
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