[Namron] Dancing?

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What time?

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Yes. Dancing will be at sellers again this wednesday. Remember, the first Wednesday of every month. :)


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Do we have dancing this Wednesday? 
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>Subject: [Namron] European dance classes
>Ok, we will be Doing a European dance practice Wed the 11th at Sellers Center. 
>Usually, it will be on the first Wed of the month, but is being rescheduled for this month due to the holiday. 
>I will be doing European Court dance classes once a month, the first Wed of the month at Sellers center  Since the 4th is a Wed, I was wondering if there is interest in changing it to the 11th for this month, or just canceling till next month. I don't want to reschedule if it will be only me there.
>Any interest in the 11th?
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