[Namron] August 2012 Namron Officer Meeting Notes

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Namron Officer Meeting Notes

August 20, 2012

 *Seneschal: *We will have the bids open for Beltane til September officers
meeting. Rapier Marshal position is open, anyone interested please send a
kingdom application to NR Rapier Marshal; Their Excellencies Namron and
myself. We will be having a Coronation planning meeting following this
meeting, anyone interested please hang around.

 *Herald: *nothing new, just send in any submission that you would like
help with.

 *Treasurer: *currently we have $7,529.55 in the Baronial checking account.

 *Hospitaler: *We could go to a Demo at Rose State College's Global
Oklahoma Celebration on October 6th. It is a festival of cultures. Will
want to work with Weisenfeuer, maybe make up some silk banners and garden
flags. Will be having a newcomers encampment at Protectorate. Thinking of
making a newcomers packet to have at gate, maybe have a special token like
a skeleton key on a green ribbon. Loaner garb is looking good, getting
things organized and adding trim. Possible to make tunics and sell for like
$5 have a work day and get some donations, so that way new people could
keep the tunics.

 *Webminister: *not a lot to report, have not received any emails with
information to put on website. Will be working on getting website cleaned
up. If anyone wants or needs something updated on the website, please email
me and I will get it put on there.

 *Archery Marshal: *practice is from 10 am to 12 noon on Sundays for a
while due to the heat. We had a good practice last week, was not too muddy.
Vigdis received her Sable Swap gift, a hand woven basket quiver and then
shot her best Royal Round ever. There will be a fun shoot at Protectorate,
but we will shut down for the finals.

 *A & S Minister: *basic knitting will be the class for September A & S,
Lady Droen and Lady Veronique will be teaching.

 *B & B: *Rapier practice is doing great with so many new people. Heavy
practice is doing well also with massive turnouts. The combining of both
baronies make a great turnout. Everyone is doing an awesome job on the
tents. Thank you to Elsa and Charles, they are who got us started on the
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