[Namron] Fw: Yule Thank you's

Ithilin Palandiriel ithilinpalandriel at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 3 06:57:40 PST 2012


Greetings to all,
I hope everyone had a good time.  BIG thank you to all who helped out , taught classes, kept me sane, wrangled smalls in absence of the Baronial MoC.  Thank you to their Excellencies Wiesenfeuer for allowing me to try it once.

Thank you to Lady Saint, who truely is a saint, and Murasakiiro-san for checking up on me to make sure there wasn't something they could do to help.

Thank you to all who helped to set up and tear down. I couldn't have done it with out you.

To all the teachers who gave so generously of their time and knowledge.  Thank you for passing on what you know, I know your students are richer for it.

To all the small wranglers who corraled fiesty little ones in my absence or who taught a children's class, YOU ARE AWESOME!  Thank you SOOOOOOO MUCH!

To their Excellencies Wiesenfeuer: Thank you for taking on the sometimes daunting task of judging children's champions and for putting up with my incessant questions and my forgetfullness.  Your patient guidence got me through the day.  Thank you!

To all the Gate Sitters and to our Reeve, Aldric  Thank you for bearing with me through my first event. 

And to my sisters, Castellana and Mura-chan, Thank you for being my sisters  I know this last month hasn't been easy on any of us but that is only a month out of many lifetimes.

Most special thanks to my lord, Robert, who has had to put up with me durring crunch time.  I know I've been a bit crazier than normal.

Yours in humble service,
Lady Liadan of Patrin-Or
Wiesenfeuer MoC
Yule Autocrat
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