[Namron] [SkorragardrVirtualSkald] Annual Christmas Party at Tadhg & Meraud's

Tadhg ld_tadhg at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 4 11:36:01 PST 2012


Christmas is a time for sharing with your family and 
friends. However, for reasons of distance or circumstance, we do not 
always have the opportunity...and Christmas simply shouldn't be spent 
So, please accept our invitation (that's Tadhg, Meraud and all the 
kids) to our annual "Orphan's" Christmas party...on Christmas Day (yes, 
really, on Dec. 25). This day we like to spend with our family...both 
the part we were born to and the part we chose (i.e., the SCA). Please come and share the Yule season.

Food goes on the table at about 2 p.m. with turkey, ham, stuffing, 
mashed potatoes, etc., and we will be going until the wee hours of 
Boxing Day.

...brick by brick
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