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> If there are any corrections that need to be made, please include me 
> in the reply so I can keep a corrected copy for my records.
> YIS,
> Margherita
> Namron Seneschal
> Namron Populace Meeting 1/03/12
> West Wind Unitarian Universalist Congregation
> Meeting began 7:30 pm
> *Barone: *I've been on a small hiatus in Kuwait. I'm here to say the 
> Barony of Namron with a little help from armed forces has completed 
> the mission in Kuwait to bring back the troops.We are in sad times 
> right now with what is going on with the Alvis family. It's really 
> good to be back with my family within Namron and it is really great to 
> see how we have all pulled together to support the Alvis family. If 
> you haven't heard, there has been discussion on regional naming.Over 
> the last year people have been working on a consensus for the Northern 
> Region. There have been several polls done and the results of those 
> polls have been handed off to His Majesty and he was very receptive to 
> the idea of naming the regions. He thinks it would be good for all 
> regions to come up with a new name. Thinking about this it could go 1 
> of 2 ways (A) result of polling would create a new name for the 
> Northern Region or (B) wait until all the other regions come up with 
> names of their own and then choose. So lets all be positive at future 
> events and put a positive spin on it.We all know that Rapier and 
> Scribal is held on Tuesday nights, and there are some that are 
> attending that would be interested in possibly holding an officer 
> position, but it would be hard for them to come on Tuesday because of 
> their love for rapier/scribal. This is not a mandate, but purely a 
> suggestion for the Populace to think about moving Populace to the 1^st 
> Thursday of each month instead of Tuesday, in hopes that it would have 
> more involvement to come to the Populace meetings.
> *Baronessa: *We have Gulf Wars coming up; we will be having our first 
> Gulf War Planning meeting on January 19^th at 7:30 pm at the home of 
> Vincenti and Margherita 2604 SW 91^st OKC 73159. So if you are 
> interested in going to Gulf or camping or caravanning. Show up and you 
> will be able to get your answers. Vincenti is the Ansteorra Deputy 
> Landocrat. So hopefully we will be back to Namron's original place. 
> King's Round Table is on January 21^st , it is not a garb event, if 
> you need to get warranted you should attend. It is also interesting to 
> attend to learn more about the SCA. WinterKingdom is January 28^th in 
> Northkeep. Kingdom A & S will be hosted by Eldern Hills on February 
> 11^th in Duncan, if you are interested in showing at Kingdom A & S 
> your application is due by January 26^th . On February 17-19^th with 
> be Provincial Games-- Mooneschadowe. We will be having the trebs at 
> the Mooneschadowe event.
> *Seneschal: *Working on Gulf War projects, and gearing up for Gulf 
> War. A & S Minister will be stepping down in June 2012, so if you are 
> interested in that position please send your application to Their 
> Excellencies, the Northern Regional A & S and myself. The Chivalric 
> position received 2 applications and the NR Knights Marshal chose 
> Jason Drysdale. The position for Herald is currently open; if you are 
> interested please send an application to Their Excellencies, NR Herald 
> and myself. We are accepting bids for autocrat for Beltane. Lord 
> Bucello is the Med Faire Coordinator and he will be setting up a 
> planning meeting soon.
> *Treasurer: *$9,669.78 is the current balance in the checking account. 
> The check for $75, which was returned for insufficient funds, has been 
> turned over to the DA's office.
> *Knights Marshal: *working on kits and armor, helping others to get 
> armored up. Wanting to make up plastic newbie loaner armor. Will be 
> working on days for armoring and demos with Vincenti.
> *Rapier Marshal: *Practice is Tuesday at 7:30pm at Sellers Park. We 
> have a strong contingent for rapier practice. We have lots of people 
> who help you learn. We have quite a bit of loaner gear, but always 
> accept more.
> *Archery Marshal: *The day after Winterkingdom, I believe there will 
> be a Northern Regional Fighter Practice in Northkeep. Also at the 
> Mooneschadowe event, if you are not authorized, you can get authorized 
> in combat archery, siege, and heavy.
> *Lord Alexander: *I wanted to mention there is Winter War Maneuvers in 
> Calontir coming up and it is a good opportunity to practice and it is 
> an indoor event.
> *Baroness Maleah: *my granddaughter is selling girl scout cookies if 
> anyone is interested, let me know how many boxes you would like. The 
> money is not due till later.
> *Lady Kyna: *As most of you know, Daddy has crossed the rainbow bridge 
> to Valhalla. His services will be Friday January 6^th at 4pm at the 
> University Lutheran Church on Elm Street here in Norman. You can come 
> in garb or not which ever you want. There will be a small reception to 
> follow then we will have a potluck at 6pm at Mom and Dads house it 
> will be BYOB. Please come and visit and talk about Terric.
> Court was opened and one award was given the Ascia Rossa was given to 
> Lord Terric Bearsmountain.
> Meeting adjourned at 8:05pm

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