[Namron] 2012 Norman Medieval Fair Planning meeting

Bucello da Murano Bucello.daMurano at FireMoonGlass.com
Tue Jan 10 00:45:43 PST 2012

Let it be known to the loyal subjects of Ansteorra that:

  We will have the first 2012 Norman Medieval Fair planning meeting on 
January 16^th at the Hidden Castle in Norman.  I wish to extend my most 
gracious invitation to all who call Ansteorra their home to attend.  We 
will begin immediately after the Namron officers meeting (approximately 
8:oo pm).

It is hard to believe that Spring will soon be upon us.  With the coming 
of Spring comes the Norman Medieval Fair, Friday March 30^th through 
Sunday April 1 at Reaves Park in The Barony of Namron, aka Norman OK.  
We shall be once again raising the Ansteorran Embassy upon the spacious 
lands in the northeast corner of the Fair and promise yet another 
weekend of merriment and festivity as we share *The Dream* with over 
250,000 expected guests.

"There shall be Fighting, and Music, and Dancing. Our guests will see 
wonderful exhibits of Arts & Sciences." We need your help and your 
ideas. At the Planning Meeting we will be discussing what worked last 
year, what we need to change this year, or maybe you have an idea of 
something we have never tried before.

We will once again be using a Staff of Directors to oversee the various 
aspects of the Ansteorran Embassy.  Below is a listing of the different 
Directors with a brief description of their duties.  Please note that we 
have filled only a few positions that just means we need you to join us 
and help make this a great fair.  Please feel more than welcome to 
contact me Bucello da Murano,  Ansteorran Embassy Provost with any 
questions or if you wish to participate or volunteer. Your 
participation, even if for just for a couple of hours, is what will make 
our guests feel that coming to the Embassy was the best and most 
memorable part of their day at the Fair. "Fighters please note: while it 
will be of great help to our List Director to have an idea of how many 
Fighters to expect each day, walk-ons are more than welcome.  Of course 
your Card must be current and armor ready to pass inspection.

_ANSTEORRAN EMBASSY PROVOST_- The Provost is the Namron Medieval Fair 
Coordinator.  His duties include overseeing and helping the Staff of 
Directors, serving as liaison between the SCA and the Medieval Fair 
Staff and assuring the entire project remains on track and runs as 
smoothly as possible.
Bucello da Murano
/Bucello.daMurano at firemoongalss,com/


REVEL DIRECTOR_- Anyone familiar with Namron knows a highlight of our 
Fair Weekend is a Saturday Night Revel where we can kick back and relax 
before our final Sunday push.  Our Revel Director promises this year's 
Revel will live up to Namron's reputation for warm hospitality and 
invites anyone interested in helping to contact her.
Anastacia Marie Travarra
                 staciatravarra at att.net


*           ***** The Hidden Castle has already been secured for this 
year's Revel. ******


    ___ENTERTAINMENT DIRECTOR_-  In addition to overseeing our various
    non-Fighting Entertainment Venues and activities such as Dancing &
    Drumming, the Entertainment Director will help come up with "Lane
    Play" activities where we can really have fun interacting with our
    patrons.   We do not look at Med Fair as a "typical" SCA Event as
    here our goal is to /entertain/ as well as educate our guests.  And
    if our guests are having fun, they may well want to look further
    into The Dream.
    Wolfgang von Sachsenhausen <mailto:variglog at sbcglobal.net>


_ARTS & SCIENCES DIRECTOR _- The A&S Director coordinates and organizes 
the Arts & Sciences display Pavilion as well as the Living History Lane 
located along the bank of the Namron River.  Please contact her if you 
wish to add an exhibit, either a small item that only needs table or 
display case room or a larger exhibit that requires some land.
Droen O'Rourke <mailto:wolfyheather at yahoo.com>


_LIST DIRECTOR_- Our List Director oversees the activities on the Main 
List Field including Light and Heavy Fighting as well as non-fighting 
activities such as Dancing Demos and other activities to entertain our 
patrons.   Again, we request Fighters who plan to attend to let him/her 
know, but walk-ons are more than welcome.  And if you wish to request 
time for a non-fighting demo, please contact our Entertainment Director 
and he/she will get you scheduled.
*** Open Director Position ***
Your name here


PATRONS DIRECTOR_- This Director is our Baronial Hospitaler.  Our 
primary goal at Fair is to RECRUIT AND RETAIN and thus all of us in and 
about the Embassy need to help fulfill that goal. She asks that 
Hospitalers from our neighboring groups contact her at least several 
days before Fair so we can make sure interested patrons are pointed in 
the right direction.
Afsenae na Siosal/
             lori.kazee at gmail.com/


_REFRESHMENTS DIRECTOR_- This position includes arranging preparation 
and presentation of light refreshments for our working folks _in garb_ 
during the 3 days of Fair.  Please contact him/her if you wish to donate 
food or non-alcoholic  libation.  And please note *THIS IS A DRY FAIR SITE!
* *** Open Director Position ***
Your name here


_WATER BEARING DIRECTOR_- This position is one of the most importance; 
not only Water Bearing for our Fighters but for all of our "Lane 
Workers" as well.
*** Open Director Position ***
Your name here


_STAFF DIRECTOR_- The goal of our Staff Director is to make certain 
enough non-Combat folks are on hand to man our various Duty and Demo 
stations and make sure there is adequate staff rotation so no one gets 
held hostage with "endless" duty.  If you wish to join us but are not 
sure yet on how you wish to help, please feel free to contact him/her in 
advance or just look he/she up when you arrive.  Someone will be more 
than happy to point he/she out.
*** Open Director Position ***
Your name here


_SITE DIRECTOR_- Our Site Director oversees the layout and construction, 
maintenance and tear-down of the site.  This is all the behind the 
scenes logistics stuff that is so necessary for a successful Fair.  
He/she will need help on Wednesday and Thursday to help raise the 
Embassy and then again on Sunday to help bring it down and tuck it away 
for another year.  The Site Manager is also responsible for land parcel 
assignments as well as keeping the Embassy looking Period, clean and safe.
*** Open Director Position ***
Your name here


If you have any questions, concerns or request, please contact me 
Bucello da Murano.

We look forward to having you join us!
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