[Namron] Namron Officer Notes January 16th, 2012

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Wed Jan 18 15:34:59 PST 2012

> Here are the notes from this month's officer meeting. If there are any 
> corrections that need to be made, please include me in the reply so I 
> can keep a corrected copy for my records.
> YIS,
> Margherita

> *Seneschal: *Will be having the Med Faire planning meeting following 
> officers meeting tonight at 8pm; We are open for bids for Beltane, it 
> will be held at Camp Dakani because Camp Cimarron is booked. We have a 
> small problem that we will not have access to the nature center, so we 
> will need to figure that out. The office of Herald is currently open 
> for applications, we have received a couple and we will close the 
> acceptance of applications at the February 20^th officer meeting. Then 
> a decision will by the Northern Regional Herald on who the new Herald 
> for Namron will be. A & S minister will be stepping down in June, so 
> anyone interested please contact Lady Droen.
> *Chivalric Marshal: *was wondering how long the officer term is, I was 
> thinking I could commit to 1 year at this time and will then review 
> when it is closer to that time. The Seneschal and the Baroness said 
> that is fine. Practice has been going well, having on average 7-10 
> fighters; several donations have been coming in. I would like to have 
> 3 or 4 working kits. I have plenty of helms and kidney belts. Planning 
> on armoring night, have the pattern and some plastic.
> *Archery Marshal: *Sunday practice changed and it is now 1pm to 3pm. 
> If you don't have a deputy you should as an officer have one, and get 
> them involved and doing parts of your job, because that will help to 
> get them prepared for when you step down and it could make a smoother 
> transition if they apply for the job. We will be having the Gulf War 
> planning meeting on Thursday January 19^th at 7:30 pm at Margherita 
> and Vincenti's house, 2604 SW 91^st OKC 73159. Anyone interested in 
> going to Gulf Wars, we will be discussing caravan, meal plans and what 
> will be happening at the Namron encampment.
> *Rapier Marshal: *Practice is going great, we are having a steady 
> group of 11 or 12 fighters each week. Don Jean Fernauld has taken Lady 
> Elspeth Monneypenny as his cadet. A group of rapier fighters plan on 
> attending NRFP to get in more practice before War. We have one loaner 
> blade and will need to get another one. I will be submitting to use 
> part of my budget to get this.
> *Hospitaler: *What does everyone think about Loemax as my deputy? I 
> think he would be good for me; I just wanted to check with the other 
> officers first. I need help lugging stuff to and from events. I have 
> cases of loaner stuff; Lord Bucello made some wonderful wooden 
> clothing racks that work great. Still planning on sewing some pants 
> and skirts. Anyone have any ideas for demos please let me know.
> *Treasurer: *we currently have $9,669.78 in the checking account. I 
> still have not heard anything back on the returned check from the DA 
> office.
> *Webminister: *not present
> *Chronicler: *not present
> *MOC: *not present
> *Herald: *not present
> *A & S Minister: *not present
> *Baronessa: *We have Winterkingdom coming up with the NRFP the day 
> after. Round table is next weekend in Austin. Company of Wolves is the 
> last weekend of February and there will be another wake for Terric. 
> Friday February 24^th is the last day to register for Gulf Wars if you 
> plan on camping with Namron. We will be having another Gulf War 
> planning meeting following Populace meeting on February 7^th and then 
> one more on February 27^th to wrap things up. Bardic has started up 
> again it is being held the 1^st and 3^rd Thursday at 7:30pm at the 
> home of Lord Lorenzo and Lady Antonia 121 SE 27^th Moore
> *Lord Tadhg: *waiting to hear from Northern Regional Seneschal about 
> seneschal for Skorragardr. As far as I know there was one application 
> Lady Beatrix. We have started cooks night back up and it is the 3^rd 
> Sunday of the month held at my house. Also there is 6^th Known World 
> Bardic Congress and Cooks' Collegium that is being held April 20-23 in 
> Colorado. We are planning a few of us going and car pooling, let Anna 
> Belle know if you are interested in attending and she can get you the 
> information.
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