[Namron] GW Planning meeting notes - Jan 19th

Doug Copley doug.copley at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 18:24:47 PST 2012

We had about 15 people in attendance.

Preregistrations must be post marked by Jan 31st, on line through ACCEPS 
must be done by 24th. If you want to have a camping spot with the Barony 
of Namron / Barony of Wiesenfeuer / Canton of Skorragardr you MUST 
pre-reg and you MUST specify that you are camping with the Barony of Namron.

*Meal Plan* - Exact meal plan will be posted on line. You may sign up 
for any meals choose or no meals at all. Lunches will be $3 per person 
and Dinner will be $5 per person. Meals will need to be prepaid before 
going to GW so that we can have the supplies and for the people that are 
in it. We will not be running to town all the time to get stuff.

Dinners will be on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Friday
Lunches will be Monday through Saturday

Dinners at this time are being planned for:
Hamburgers, Brats, Chips, Cookies, Fruit
Lasagna, bread, salad, fruit, cookies
taco bar, salad, beans, fruit, cookies
Stew, bread, salad, cookies, fruit

Lunches will be Sandwiches, chips, cookies, and fruit

Drinks will be water, lemonade, gatorade

Normally there is 225 sqft allotted per person, this land is for your 
tent, ropes, walkways, camp shower, and common areas.

If you are camping by yourself and have a 10 x 20 tent that is 200 sqft 
already used. We encourage people to share tents to allow more room for 
common areas.

As a reminder: The baronial tent is a community area and is used by 
everyone you can’t leave things laying around. If you are there working 
on something great! If you get up to go somewhere, you need to pick your 
stuff up and put it back in your tent. Because we have so many people in 
our group you can’t leave piles of stuff out in front of your tent, 
trash needs to be picked up, cigarette butts should never be thrown on 
the ground, and everyone needs to work at keeping the area neat so that 
everyone can enjoy.

There will be a caravan leaving out at 7am to 8 am (time will be set 
soon) on Saturday morning. They will be stopping at Hattiesburg (which 
is 30 miles from site) to spend the night in a hotel and then going on 
to site early on Sunday.

Distance from OKC to Gulf War is about 720 miles each way and with the 
side trips I usually figure it at about 1600 miles round trip. If your 
vehicle gets 20 miles per gallon and you average $3.10 per gallon it 
will cost you about $250 in gas.

*Early on Travelers*
We will be leaving on Wednesday early evening and driving my truck with 
a trailer and we will have 4 people in it. We will be taking the 
baronial equipment and setting most or all of it up before Sunday.

Next meeting will be held on Feb 7th immediately after the Barony of 
Namron Populace Meeting at the normal location. The last meeting will be 
held on Feb 27th at the home of Vincenti & Margherita's home.

Vincenti da Murano, RH
GW Coordinator for Barony of Namron

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