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As many of you know,  the Northern Region polled a while back about names,
narrowing a list of many  down to the 3 top choices for the King to choose

At the King's  Roundtable last weekend, His Majesty shot the ball back into
our court.  He  pointed out that we had not done an actual polling as to
whether the region  wished a new name, and charged us to do so.  So to 
the ball rolling,  this weekend at Northkeeps wInterkingdom event, we will
have a polling site set  up for paid members (per His Majesty and the 
Seneschal) to vote yes or  no if we want a Regional Name other than 'the
Northern Region'.  At the  same time paid members that wish to may vote 
for the
name they  prefer from  the list already chosen by the first poll.  Those
votes however will be  held until we know if we will be receiving a 

If you wish to vote,  please make sure you bring your ID and your
membership proof with you as it will  be required to vote.  We will also 
be asking
for your zip code so that we  can keep track of who has voted to let your
local Seneschal know.  For  those who are under age but have a 
membership, they
may vote but may need their  parents help in doing so, but make sure their
voices are heard as well.

More polling will be  held within the region over the next month or so, so
please if you can't be here  to make your voice heard, please make sure it
is heard at another polling in  your area.  The Crown has asked for our
wishes to be known, let's make sure  Their Majesties know what we want.

In sevice to Barony  and Kingdom

Keigan of  Ravensfaire

Baroness of  Northkeep

Lady of Chemin  Noir

Friendship isn't about whom
you have known the  longest,
but about who came and
never left your side.
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