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Michael Coone felemid.macphail at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 12:05:51 PST 2012

i was posting the laws as for not for profit groups and the by laws after
it was questioned in this forum ....
i was no longer asking question about stating raffle .....but where in fact
they are legal by Ok state law and our by laws( provided they do not cross
state lines) are permitted  ... and there had been one at event that took
part in .... and by taking part in it... this posting saying that I broke
both state law and SCA bylaws ... so i researched and thought posting the
research would help the group.... not turn it into a fight on having a
raffle .... it is not now .....nor when posted my goal ... to break any
laws ...by laws .. contract terms ... or start a battle

as for your post this the way i saw it ,,,,

>  Not a raffle.  Period.  Not only is it questionable with respect to state
> laws, but it violates Society Financial Policy.  Find another way.

adding word Period makes sounds like you have the authority to speak on
behalf of group and setting down the law .... the next part shows you did
not read my post  outlining and defining laws on raffles ... ... and the
third part is again misleading ...... because i could not find any said
policy ... and the last statement was not needed because the issue had
already been dropped ... if any of my statements lead someone to believe
otherwise..... i am sorry ... i outlined what and why ..... i even stated
in my email that if this was not your goal then ....i am sorry ...but it
was the effect .... and trying to keep this civil for the good of group is
why i said "it came across harshly" should have done it private .....but
did not and i am sorry to the group for that ...... you pointed out i am
new ... and don't know you ... so i asked.... and answer i got was
condescending and attacking ,as well as saying ...i am starting fight ... i
did not feel this was fight till you turned into one .... not with first
post that i felt may have been more then a little harsh  but second one
......... this petty bickering is also is bad for the group or anyone
reading it ... not sure if we have out of barony readers  ... but everyone
else who has answered on this post was civil and politely disagreed ...and
that is way it should be done  .... i am going to drop this because it was
a simple please be careful how you say things when writing ..to someone you
don't know and don't know you .... because they could take it the wrong way
....a lot more when they are new ... you could scare them off or start a
fight ... and no one wants that drama ... debate good.... drama ...save it
for bardic circle .. or TV ....

to anyone else taking time to follow this  .. Sorry to waste your time ...
and Sorry but when you find information out that effects the group.... i
figured it was good idea to put it out on the floor .... so everyone has
chance to read for them self and agree ...disagree or discus it ...  this
will be the last post on this topic for me ....

simplest answer to this problem is to hang out in the back of room for 2 to
3 years.... before saying anything as not to bruise the pride or ego of the
members that have been here ...lurk or quit policy..... i have never liked
when dealing with new groups ...and not going to play it ...

but it is my time and money ... and i would rather play then stand back
wait ...so i am willing to agree to any standing rules...but not if they
are bent for some and not others ... or quoted with out rank, authority, or
copy of them ... as true and then later found out to be not ... this a
group built around research .... so pointing out rules should be easy ...
as one person said in this forum ... i am not sure but i think .... that is
great statement .... means they are not stating a rule.... just what they
believe it to be... the way you should put any law, rule, or bylaw you care
quoting... when drawing from top of head ....

when you are new to group you do know anything ....that is not handed to
you ... asked about ... posted somewhere ( and told that is there ) ....and
you will make mistakes ... how members deal with those mistakes will in the
long run show the type of group you want to be .... one that open and
anyone is free to join .... or childish club like no girls club ... we as
members decide that and carry that burden with each and every post .... and
remember ....it maybe a screen in front of you ....but there is a person on
the other end ...

i have met a lot of good people so far ... hoping to continue to meet more

Mike Coone ...

On Sat, Jan 28, 2012 at 12:28 PM, William FitzBubba <fitzbubba at gmail.com>wrote:

> Felemid, I meant no disrespect or negative affect in my response.  I was
> answering your question.
> As for my qualifications or titles...you are new to Namron.  You might
> want to ask around about me before you start asking for my resume.  Here's
> a hint:  I'm Bubba.  No titles or anything, as none are needed in this
> forum.
> If you'd like to discuss my pedigree in private mail, I'll be happy to do
> so.  Otherwise, you are new to our group and trying to provoke people who
> have been around a long time.  Save your ammo.
> Care, Bubba
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> On Jan 27, 2012, at 17:35, Michael Coone <felemid.macphail at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> i was just stating that the raffle was legal.... *not that we where doing
> one* ...*. or was even possible by our contract or by laws* ..... someone
> else stated they where illegal and that was not the case ... and next time
> i attend an event that has a raffle ... to help out on something ..... i
> will be sure to remind everyone how this was addressed to me and not donate
> a dam thing to it ...hope the money raised at Yule to help Camp
> Cimmeron(not sure how to spell it ) was approved and not breaking policies
> .... the only reason i even said anything is it started off with fund
> raising idea for pop meeting ...  ... and i simply asked few question has
> had it met with many people rehashing  "no's" ( they also where polite
> about it) and making an incorrect statement that took 5 minutes  to find
> out with state laws online ... and free to research .... .. and the posting
> of 2 of my statements back to back because i failed to notice first one
> was still in outbox .... so i posted right after explaining why.... "i sent
> the post about raffle..... after was stated that would not work ..." based
> on information that i had got from the group at that time...
> raffles by state law it is not questionable (unless you are questioning
> those who would be in charge of them).... by policy ...i have not
> researched ... that is why i asked and left it at no  .... if you read my
> post ....but to send the message the way you have ...comes across as both
> hostile and demanding ... i don't know who you are and if you have a title
> (answering on behalf of the SCA as a whole) that gives you the power to
> make statements like that .... but i do not think kindly of it ... if that
> was not you intentions ... then i am sorry .......but if it was ... then i
> am also sorry because this kind of behavior hurts more then someone
> feelings ... it hurts the group ....
> Felemid MacPhail ...
> On Fri, Jan 27, 2012 at 1:58 PM, William FitzBubba <fitzbubba at gmail.com>wrote:
>> Not a raffle.  Period.  Not only is it questionable with respect to state
>> laws, but it violates Society Financial Policy.  Find another way.
>> Care,
>> Bubba
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