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Ronald Dawdy (HL Grimhun) ronalddawdy at yahoo.com
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AHH is the laymen definition of a PAVISES is that a BARN DOOR? It does fit in the period time 15th century. We did and still do have a few fighter that could carry one in to battle. Maby a unarmed fighter that only carries the shield. A new meaning to Shield Wall.

It seams the list moderator will not let me post images about the use of a PAVISES so you will have to go look at them yourself. If you cannot see them or get the wrong image blame the moderator.

Ronald Dawdy
(SCA HL. Grimhun Hroth)
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---- Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair <donnchadh at cornelius.norman.ok.us> wrote: 
> I just saw that for the CA only battle, pavises cannot be held by a 
> fighter (I guess we were too effective last year).  So does anyone know 
> of an easy way to turn a scutum into a free standing pavise, and is it 
> even worth the effort?  Last year, the more mobile we were, the better 
> we did.  But that doesn't mean it wouldn't be nice to have some 
> stationary cover.
> Pavises are permitted in scenarios with Combat Archery, and must be 
> constructed and used according to Society standards. Pavises may be used 
> in the archers only battle but must be free standing ñ they may not be 
> held by a fighter.
> Thanks,
> Donnchadh
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