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I am sorry that I did not make it last night my dragon died that I just bought kinda makes me mad hopefully I will be able to get it back up today... Its nothing major just time consuming and it was to dark to try and fix last night.. I tried my best, I should have it back up today and if all is well I will try to slip buy for some rapier practice. Not to fight due to my knee issues im having but to engage in conversation.

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Subject: [Namron] Norman Medival Fair A&S

It's that time of year again!  The biggest demo and recruitment event for northern Ansteorra and the surrounding areas is swift approaching on the heels of Gulf War (March 30th - April 1st).  We are looking for display items for our Arts and Sciences tent, and artisans willing to ply their craft in our Living History Tents.  

We do have one lockable cabinet for jewelry and other valuable items.  Please consider letting us borrow your genius in order to inspire others to join our dream!  Last year we had a lot of fantastic fiber arts of various types and some beautiful weapons on display, but I would love to have a more diverse representation of the arts we produce in the society.  I will be at Gulf War, and willing to make sure items are returned to their rightful owners if you are not able to attend the demo yourself.

If you'd like to volunteer to work in either the A&S Tent or Living History Tents, please email me at namronmoas at gmail.com or call me (405)664-6525.  We will need people all three days of the fair, so there's plenty of time slots to volunteer for.  Over 300,000 people attend the Norman Medieval Fair each year, and it's very important that we put our best foot forward if we're to recruit and grow.

Namron's Medieval Fair Planning Page:   http://medfair.baronyofnamron.org/

Medieval Fair's Page:   http://medievalfair.org/

(Please forward to other mailing lists or interested parties)

Yours In Service,
Lady Droen O'Rourke
Namron Minister of Arts & Science

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