[Namron] The Battle Of The Champions Coming To Med Fair!

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With all due respect, Wolfgang, we will have 30+ fighters on Saturday and Sunday...and a Tournament--any Tournament--is designed to reduce the number of fighters for some indeterminate "prize". 
So, you're expecting a substantial number of fighters to sit and wait for this to play out. If you work hard, you may find a format that engages the crowd...and that's a big "if". But you will be doing it at the sacrifice of our need to be good hosts to our friends that have given up their weekend to help recruit.
Tournaments have been tried in the past...they drag the tempo of fighting down...and they reduce the general noise and chaos that bring the crowds into the SCA compound.
Personally, I recommend we let the fighters fight for all they're worth...especially on Saturday and Sunday. Friday is a another matter...and we can involve the crowd in individual fights--but tracking fighters through a Tournament is rather dicey in this type of setting.



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As part of our Entertainment offering at Fair, we will be doing a
Tournament-style Fighting Demo at 2 pm Saturday and Sunday and Baroness Maleah has
given it the name The
Battle of The Champions!  Spectators will be provided
streamers and Herald(s) shall introduce the Fighters and encourage the spectators
to cheer for their favorite.  The Tournament will last between 30-45


Ann Marie is going to advertise this along with our other major
Entertainment Schedule in the Fair Program! 


Now we are seeking someone who is
Tournament savvy to help us organize The Battle of The Champions, including lining
up Fighters, Herald(s) and designing a quick paced format that will keep
spectators hanging around to the end.  If this is something you would
enjoy doing, please let me or Lord Bucello know. 


We greatly thank you! 



Entertainment Director 

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