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> If there are any corrections that need to be made, please include me 
> in the reply so I can keep a corrected copy for my records.
>  YIS,
> Margherita
> Namron Seneschal
>  Namron Populace Meeting 3/06/12
> West Wind Unitarian Universalist Congregation
> Meeting began 7:35 pm
> *Baronessa: *We have a cool new herald, Lady Kyna. We have Gulf War in 
> t-minus how many days. . .we have the early group leaving out Thursday 
> morning and the late group heading out Saturday morning. We also are 
> working on getting ready for Med Faire, I think we should have a 
> planning meeting the Wednesday or Thursday before the Faire since our 
> Pop meeting isn't until after Med Faire. Look to the list, I will talk 
> with the Med Faire coordinator, Lord Bucello and see about getting 
> that arranged. Then after that will be Wiesenfeuer baronial. The 
> Hospitaler for Wiesenfeuer will be having a new comers encampment and 
> I would like to be part of that. We also will have Beltane coming up, 
> we have received a bid, and the autocrats will be HE Muriel, Lady 
> Droen and Lady Margherita.Since we are not able to have Beltane in 
> May, we might think about renaming it this year, like with a Namron 
> All thing. I think that might be fun. There will be planning meetings 
> in the future and we can talk about it.
> *Seneschal: *We are closing the acceptance of applications for 
> Hospitaler tonight. We have received a couple of applications and the 
> NR Hospitaler will make a decision and then we will let you all know 
> whom the new Hospitaler is. I will close the acceptance of web 
> minister applications at the March 19^th officers meeting. We have 
> received a couple of applications but we did not have a closing date, 
> so that is what I am clarifying tonight. After the officers meeting, 
> the Web minister will be chosen by Kingdom, because I do not believe 
> there is a NR Web minister. It will be put out on the list with who 
> has been chosen. Beltane will be held June 1-3 this year, that was the 
> soonest it could be arranged. We will be holding it at Camp Dakani but 
> we will not have access to the nature center.Lord Aonghas checked with 
> his insurance agent and was not able to get insurance on Phred the 
> Shed. We will need to check to see if we can get insurance purchased 
> from the Barony if we would like to insure the contents of the shed 
> incase of a tornado or something. I will be working on this. We also 
> need to do a hat pass for anyone that would like to donate funds 
> towards the dishes for the royals for their stepping down. HE Gwyneth 
> will collect that.
> *Treasurer: *we currently have $9,089.78 in the checking account. We 
> still will need to send in about $1,800 for our portion to the 
> Kingdom, I am waiting to hear where I am to send it.
> *Archery Marshal: *For the next 2 Sundays, I will not be at practice; 
> my Deputy Lance may be running the practices in my absence. Look to 
> the list for information, but they are on Sunday from 1-3pm. There 
> will be no practice on April 1^st due to the Medieval Faire.
> *Rapier Marshal: *We are having practice on Tuesdays at Sellars Park 
> at 7pm. We have plenty of loaner gear. Anyone interested please come 
> out. Bardic will be held next week, in Mississippi. The Med Faire 
> group has asked that the bards perform at the faire, so anyone 
> interested please come see me.
> *A & S Minister: *I will be staying late tonight to work on any 
> projects, we normally have the A&S night on the 2^nd Tuesday here at 
> the church, but next week I will be a Gulf War, so I will not be 
> holding it.The April meeting we will be having naalbinding and May 
> will be inkle weaving, HE Annabelle has offered to make some looms 
> ahead of time, but we need to know if anyone is interested in needing 
> one. I am having a contest for who ever donate the most to the Above 
> and Beyond table at Gulf War, email me if you need information.
> *Chivalric Marshal: *Wednesday is practice at 7pm at Sellars Center. 
> We will be having practice this week and next week also. Skorragardr 
> is having practice on Thursday night at the Norman High we need more 
> people to come out.
> *Medieval Faire Coordinator (Lord Bucello): *things are progressing 
> nicely, lots of plans, there will be a childrens program with 
> Wiesenfeuer MOC working with us. Wolfgong is heading up the 
> entertainment. Mistress Stacia is heading up the revel.
> *Mistress Stacia: *We will be having the post revel at the Hidden 
> Castle and they are not charging us to be there. It will be Saturday 
> night the 31^st , they do have beer on tap for sale, soda and a tavern 
> type of food for sale also. We will not be having a buffet. We can 
> bring in liquor but we should purchase beer from them. There will be a 
> bouncer, Doug, and Play Nice or Don't Play at All J Also I wanted 
> everyone to know that on Leap Day this year-Annabelle went and got a 
> cashiers check in the amount of $626 made out to Camp Fire USA from 
> the SCA for the walk in freezer at Camp Cimarron.
> *HE Margarite: *In November, 2012 there will be a Known World Light 
> Weapons and Costuming symposium in Chicago.
> *Ann-Marie from Med Faire: *Just wanted everyone to know that there is 
> 1 more lecture this Friday on the "Fortune of Academic Life in the 
> Middle Ages" I have some handouts and I will let Wolfgong put it out 
> on your list.
> *Mastir Tadhg: *last practice for 2 weeks will be Thursday night. The 
> school will be closed for the spring break. Look to the list for when 
> we start back up again. Parking in the east lot. Monday at the Hidden 
> Castle at Open A & S we will be having a "I can't go to Gulf War Pity 
> Party" so everyone come out.
> *Lord Charles of Portsmouth: *Just wanted to let everyone know that at 
> the Skorragardr Populace meeting we had 27 people attending. We do 
> have several officer positions that need to be filled, so anyone 
> interested please apply.
> Meeting adjourned 805pm
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