[Namron] The Battle Of The Champions Coming To Med Fair!

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I agree it would be better for the people watching to do a slo mo fighting scenario, I would have no idea what im watching if a tourney was going on accept two people hitting eachother. It would be alot of fun to watch the fighters go at it I agree but to do a tourney idk.. Either way people are going to be attracted  to the fighters.
Just my two cents,

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It doesn't take a great deal of tournament savvy to run a single-elimination tourney...and if you want 8 fighters for your stage production--ask for volunteers.

But I strongly recommend that you listen to the Barone...try it on Friday OR at a fighter practice to wring the bugs out!

Personally, I would rather use Cynthia's idea...and intersperse some "slo-mo" sessions throughout the day to let the crowd understand what we are doing. It's just heavy fighter kata...and we do it at fighter practice to see how to improve.

...and you'd best be prepared for the complaints from the other 80% of the fighters who aren't "in the Tourney".

...brick by brick

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>We are happy to see everyone’s input on this, and if we all work in a positive direction, we shall indeed present a FANTASTIC Demo Tourney.
>Here is a rough idea of what we have in mind, and we do need the help of someone who is Tourney-savvy to tighten up the format, chose Fighters, keep it fast paced and make whatever changes they feel are needed to make it GREAT.  
>We start with 8 Fighters, a Herald, a Marshal and Rope Walkers.  At EXACTLY 2 pm, the Herald leads the Fighters and Marshal onto the List and makes introductions.  As soon as they clear the Field, the first pair comes out, is introduced by the Herald and lays on.  Now this is where we need to use some WWE-type showmanship and time management.  As the Fighters fight, the Rope Walkers serve as colour commentators, keeping the spectators motivated and informed.  After 4 bouts, we are down to 4 Fighters and very quickly move into the Semis, and then into the Final.  Now if only the BCS could figure this out J
>Again, this will all play out in a 30-45 minute slot.
>Does someone have a Herald’s Trumpet or something similar for the Entrance of the Fighters?  How about a cloth Litter to haul “Dead Fighters” off the Field?
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