[Namron] The Battle Of The Champions Coming To Med Fair!

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Taking out time for the 3 daily Entertainment slots and The Battle of the
Champions, we still have 400 minutes of "fighting time" available; so during
that time is when the other scenarios can be played out, depending on the
availability of Fighters.  That is why we are not planning for the
Tournament on Friday since Fighters are scarce that day.  But with patrons
being scarce as well, a Friday "walk through" may be a good idea.






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It doesn't take a great deal of tournament savvy to run a single-elimination
tourney...and if you want 8 fighters for your stage production--ask for

But I strongly recommend that you listen to the Barone...try it on Friday OR
at a fighter practice to wring the bugs out!

Personally, I would rather use Cynthia's idea...and intersperse some
"slo-mo" sessions throughout the day to let the crowd understand what we are
doing. It's just heavy fighter kata...and we do it at fighter practice to
see how to improve.

...and you'd best be prepared for the complaints from the other 80% of the
fighters who aren't "in the Tourney".

...brick by brick


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