[Namron] Namron Officer Meeting Notes 3/19/12

Lindsey Lewis lindsey.bellam at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 20:49:59 PDT 2012

When you consider how little we paid for the GP's, and how expensive
really nice period tents are, a little money spent on the GP's seems a
wise idea. There is a fabric shop on SW59th St., west of Western, the
last time I was in there they had cotton duck for 5$ a yard, worth
checking into (if done fairly soon, so the GP's can be fixed for the
fair), also, considering we do not use the GP's very often, does the
addition have to be canvas, could it be trigger ?  Since we would be
adding the strip on at ground level, maybe 100% cotton would not be a
great idea, maybe a little polyester/blend would be sensible - Gwyneth

On 3/21/12, Vallie Copley <vallie.copley at gmail.com> wrote:
> Here are the notes from this month's officer meeting. If there are any
> corrections that need to be made, please include me in the reply so I
> can keep a corrected copy for my records.
> YIS,
> Margherita
> Namron Seneschal
> *Seneschal: *We are back from Gulf War and getting geared up for
> Medieval Faire.  We are closing the acceptance of applications for
> webminister at the end of our officers meeting. We have a few
> applications, the Kingdom Webminister will make a decision and we will
> put it out on the list.  We have a new hospitaler, Lady Sybilla.  We
> will be having a Beltane planning meeting in the near future, look to
> the list for more information. Anyone that is interested in
> participating please come to the meeting.
> *Archery Marshal: *Gulf Wars was great, there was alot of wetness (rain,
> humidity and dew), lots of bruises.  Ansteorra was down by 90 people
> from the normal count. Last year Ansteorra was up by 200 people from the
> normal count.  But last year was the 20 year celebration.  We won the
> A&S war point, we also won the fort battle. The ravine battle we almost
> won, but they said we lost by 10 seconds. Anyway it was a great war and
> we enjoyed great company and the weather was better at the end of the
> week than the start of the week.
> *Hospitaler: *I was wondering where the loaner garb is. Reported by
> Margherita that the loaner garb is currently at HE Adena's house along
> with the 2 clothing racks. Will be having a newcomers get together after
> the Medieval Faire. There will also be a newcomers encampment at
> Wiesenfeuer Baronial and we will be a part of that.
> *Rapier Marshal: *Attendance has been down a little.  We are getting
> ready for the Medieval Faire, going to have several fighters out for
> that. We are ready to put on a show.
> *Treasurer: *not present, but sent in report. Currently we have $8551.75
> in the checking account, we still have to send the $1800 to Kingdom.
> *Baronessa: *The trebs did great at war, we did our first IKAC with the
> trebs. We will continue to do those to keep up the practice with the
> trebs. Valkyrie Redemption did extremely well. Lady Kyna did a great job
> on the Roses breakfast.
> *Lord Bucello:* Will be having a Med Faire planning meeting this
> Wednesday at 7pm at the Hidden Castle. Wiesenfeuer MoC has hourly
> children activities planned and we should help when available throughout
> the faire.
> *Dame Alix: *The Norman Transcript has a list of weekly meetings in
> their paper. We should consider sending in when our meetings are, maybe
> we can get new people interested and have them come out to our meetings
> with locations. Also we are having new people out to the Cooks Guild. It
> is the 3rd Sunday of each month, held at Tadhg's house at 5pm.
> *Mastir Tadhg: *did some work on the GP Mediums, it seems the problem is
> that the sides are not long enough, so we need to add material all the
> way around.  I have priced canvas and for 60' Wide it is $10/yard. To go
> around the GP's we would have 32 yards. The way I figure it, we would
> need 8 yards of 60' wide per tent and we have at least 2 tents that can
> be repaired. So it would be around $160 to fix up the GP's.

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