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Med Fair Revel will be in Norman at The Hidden Castle, Saturday, March
31 from
7pm until, :-)...
The Owners are very SCA friendly and are giving Us the use of the
free of charge on a Saturday night, Please act and respond accordingly!

Please come in garb and you may bring your own drinking vessels etc.
Children are welcome with supervision, there will be DVDs played on the big
screen TV, :-)  There will be beer on tap and in the can, sodas, and food
available for purchase and ice available.

This is a private party and you may bring in alcohol and wear weaponry
with your
Outside food and drink allowed, there will be no potluck.
Plenty Of Parking.
No site fee!
Smoke Outside.
This is a good place to invite interested prospective members, so be
aware that
there might be so new folk about, :-0
Doug  of The Castle will on site as security, the rule is play nice or
play else
This has all the makings of a very good revel and I am glad to be
involved in
making this happen, Hope to see You there!
Please crosspost, my address book is being hinky, Sigh...  :-)

In Service,
'Stacia  :-)

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