[Namron] Medfair load-up at the shed 6pm Wednesday March 28th

Epperson, Sheryl eppersos at oge.com
Tue Mar 27 04:58:21 PDT 2012

Well, since Tadgh is in charge of the layout (if I remember correctly), it would depend on his being able to be there to oversee the layout or getting the "map" to someone.  Certainly, taking the items already in the trailers over and dropping them off and tentatively laying them out sounds like a good idea.


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Not sure on my timing yet I may be available earlier but I will not know 
until tomorrow afternoon, so . . .

How about if we meet at Reeves Park at 3pm. I will bring the Baronial 
Pavilion (18 x 24), Bjorn (12 x 18), and Olaf (12 x 12) along with 
stakes and ropes. We can work on mapping out land, laying out and 
staking tents then head over to the shed to get the rest of the stuff 
from there.

After that we can go back to Reeves and see what more we can get done 
and some people will be showing up for a little while to help, then we 
can call it a day before it gets too late.

Thursday we can still meet out there as planned and continue the work 
process. As other tents start showing up (and there will be a bunch of 
them) we will be able to work at getting those up so that Thursday night 
we are not still there late at night working when we have to be back 
early in the morning for opening ceremonies.


On 3/26/2012 11:53 PM, JOHN wrote:
> Can we do this in 2 stages - dropping off and raising the canvas that is
> already in the trailer(s) Wednesday afternoon and then hauling out the
> rest as planned that evening?
> Wolfgang
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> I believe that Vincenti, Caterina, Abdul, Wolfgang, and myself will go
> out on Wednesday and start setting tents up. Anyone else is welcome to
> come also, but we really need to start on Wednesday, so we dont have to
> stay so late on Thursday :-)
> Margherita
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