[Namron] Medfair load-up at the shed 6pm Wednesday March 28th

Cynthia Teague cmt1708 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 06:28:55 PDT 2012

For those who are bringing A&S  exhibit / demo items (e.g., table top
looms, my big spinning wheel if the weather forecast continues to look
good), what's the procedure?  I'm assuming that I should bring them early
Friday morning; is there any drive up access, or any good place to park?
Nothing I have is heavy but it's bulky so I'll have to make several trips.


On Tue, Mar 27, 2012 at 7:26 AM, Doug Copley <doug.copley at gmail.com> wrote:

> Getting map is no problem since we all have email. Tadhg, if you are not
> able to be there can you make sure that either Wolfgang or I have a copy of
> the layout so that we can work on it?
> Vincenti
> On 3/27/2012 6:58 AM, Epperson, Sheryl wrote:
>> Well, since Tadgh is in charge of the layout (if I remember correctly),
>> it would depend on his being able to be there to oversee the layout or
>> getting the "map" to someone.  Certainly, taking the items already in the
>> trailers over and dropping them off and tentatively laying them out sounds
>> like a good idea.
>> Annabelle
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>> Not sure on my timing yet I may be available earlier but I will not know
>> until tomorrow afternoon, so . . .
>> How about if we meet at Reeves Park at 3pm. I will bring the Baronial
>> Pavilion (18 x 24), Bjorn (12 x 18), and Olaf (12 x 12) along with
>> stakes and ropes. We can work on mapping out land, laying out and
>> staking tents then head over to the shed to get the rest of the stuff
>> from there.
>> After that we can go back to Reeves and see what more we can get done
>> and some people will be showing up for a little while to help, then we
>> can call it a day before it gets too late.
>> Thursday we can still meet out there as planned and continue the work
>> process. As other tents start showing up (and there will be a bunch of
>> them) we will be able to work at getting those up so that Thursday night
>> we are not still there late at night working when we have to be back
>> early in the morning for opening ceremonies.
>> Vincenti
>> On 3/26/2012 11:53 PM, JOHN wrote:
>>> Can we do this in 2 stages - dropping off and raising the canvas that is
>>> already in the trailer(s) Wednesday afternoon and then hauling out the
>>> rest as planned that evening?
>>> Wolfgang
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>>> I believe that Vincenti, Caterina, Abdul, Wolfgang, and myself will go
>>> out on Wednesday and start setting tents up. Anyone else is welcome to
>>> come also, but we really need to start on Wednesday, so we dont have to
>>> stay so late on Thursday :-)
>>> Margherita
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