[Namron] Medfair Royal Parades

Bucello da Murano Bucello.daMurano at FireMoonGlass.com
Tue Mar 27 14:19:20 PDT 2012

There will be 2 Medieval Fair Royal Parades each day starting from the 
SCA Embassy

9:45 AM - Shorter of the two parades and daily offical arrival of the 
Medieval Fair Court ending at 10AM and opening the fair each morning.

12:00 PM - This is the longer version, cover more of the fair than the 
morning parade.

Anyone wishing to participate should be at SCA Guard shack 5-10 minutes 
before (9:45 or 12:00) to line up.

Anyone willing to stand-in when none of Their Excellencies from any of 
the Baronies are available, please contact me.  I know on Friday we need 
stand-ins for sure.

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