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The address of the West Wind Unitarian Universalist Congregation is 1309 
West Boyd in Norman, OK.  That will be where the after Medieval Faire 
Revel will be held.



On 3/28/2012 3:27 PM, Sandra Goodrich wrote:
> Due to an unfortunate and accidental double booking at The Hidden 
> Castle. We were not bumped, but would have been sharing the premises 
> with a Mattalica/Anthraxish rock concert. Kelly would have cleared out 
> the dance studio in back for our use alone and He and Doug feel 
> absolutely horrid about it...Sigh
> Sooo... With the Revel compromised , wise heads decided to see if we 
> could move to a different site.  We are now booked at The Universalist 
> Church for Saturday evening (March 31st).Someone else please post the 
> address as I don't have it at hand...
> Bring Yourselves, stuff to eat, what You want to drink, and we will 
> have a Revel! Looking fondly forward to sharing Your company!
> In Service,
> 'Stacia  :-)
> ...
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