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Greetings All!,
     It has come to my attention that there have been a few questions about
this Coronation bid Vilana, Arianna, and my self are putting in. I wanted
to clear some things up for everyone.

     Ansteorra has had some issues in the past with getting Kingdom level
event bids turned in. To the point that there have been events that did not
have bids turned in, and the Kingdom had to ask individuals to host the
event. As the Baroness of this amazing Barony, I feel this has to stop.
Namron should be putting in for every Kingdom event, every time. I spoke
with Arianna and Vilana, along with a few others, asking if they would be
interested in helping with this endeavor. They were more than willing, and
before the day was over we already had a bid writing evening planned.
     Yes, we know that this event is the weekend after our very own
Protectorate. We are confidant that Namron, as we have many times in the
past, will step up and help throw 2 amazing events, if we are chosen. We
have had many people from all over the north give us support, from landed
Barons and Baroness', some of the newest players to our wonderful game, and
many many members of our populous. We are waiting to see if there are any
major objections from our Barony members, before we place the bid this
     If you have any questions or comments, please send me a private
message, a fb message, a phone text, or call me. We want to do this with
the full support of the Barony of Namron behind us.

Kyna Terricsdottir
Baroness of Namron
Lady of Skorragardr

     Yes, we have a site in mind. It is a church that one of our families
     Yes, we would be having a feast, and no, we do not currently have a
feast steward, though we are talking to a few people at this time.
     Yes, we know this is the weekend AFTER Protectorate. We can read a
     No, we are not drunk. :)
     Yes, we feel this is an amazing opportunity for the Barony.
     No, we are not drunk. :)

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