[Namron] Pavilion Tent Rental

Daniel via Namron namron at lists.ansteorra.org
Sat Sep 10 08:29:00 PDT 2016


Would someone like to rent us a pavilion tent for the night of Sept 
24th. We are hosting a themed birthday party and a large tent would make 
a fabulous addition to our Arabian Nights theme. We understand that 
these are expensive items and will take very good care of your home away 
from home.
We should have plenty of good help on hand so you would only have to 
supervise its raising and lowering if you wish. Something like a 12x16 
or 16x16 would be ideal Also, an older weathered tent would do just 
fine. If you are interested, please message us with what you have and 
asking price for the rental.

Thank you so very much,
Daniel Garbelman, aka Lord Linus
doxygen at cox.net

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