[Namron] Notes from the Marshalate

Brendan Haiduk via Namron namron at lists.ansteorra.org
Wed Jan 25 09:52:50 PST 2017

Hey guys,
I have a couple of notes from round-table this weekend that I wanted to
pass on to all the fighters.
(1) Coming very soon, the Society Earl Marshal is going to require marshals
to inspect the padding inside of helmets.  This means the marshal is going
to have to see your helmet on your head to make sure it fits appropriately
and then see it off of your head to make sure the padding is in good shape.
(2)  We need to do a better job of reporting injuries.  If you have any
type of injury please report it to the Marshal.  It only requires a little
bit of paperwork on the marshal's part and it allows us to have good data
to track.  Any injury is generally, anything that would make you go to the
doctor, or anything that will effect your quality of life for more than a
day or so.  This includes broken bones, sprains, twisted ankles, heat
stroke, overuse injuries, or concussions.  We kind of have a mentality on
the Chivalric side of just "walking it off" but please report any injuries.
(3)  At practice, if you are Marshaling and not fighting, you still need to
either have a current blue card, or sign the waiver.

Thanks for reading all this and helping us to make our game safe.

-Centurion Micolay
  Nanron Knight Marshal
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