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A reminder that the Kingdom has asked for feedback from the populace
regarding the health of the Barony. The note from the Kingdom seneschal
references a survey, but they are really just soliciting feedback and
suggestions be emailed directly (and only) to the Their Majesties at
crown at ansteorra.org. They have asked that you email them by the end of



Original Message from the Kingdom Seneschal:


At the last Round Table, a new addition to the Kingdom Seneschal's Handbook
was signed. The Kingdom Seneschal has been tasked to initiate a baronial
opinion survey on behalf of the Crown every three years after every major
change of Landed Nobility. This is a chance for members of a baronial
populace to provide any and all thoughts and feedback directly to the Crown
on the health of their group. It is not a formal action, nor are there any
formalized follow-up actions.

The first batch of baronies to be surveyed will be Namron, Bonwicke, and
Bjornsborg. More will follow at a later date.

I am asking the seneschals of these three groups to post this missive to
your local e-lists and Facebook lists, and to publish it in your next local
newsletter. Please send all feedback directly to the Crown ONLY at
crown at ansteorra.org. Please be sure to put the words "Baronial Survey -
[name of your Barony]" in the subject line of your missive. Your opinions
and feedback will be held in the strictest confidence by the Crown. The
feedback period is open immediately, and runs until the end of September.

Modius, Kingdom Seneschal

PS. Please send all feedback ONLY to CROWN at ANSTEORRA.ORG.
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