[Namron] a Missive from the Protectorate Brewing Champion

Kelly McKinnon kereneem at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 17:42:20 PDT 2018

The Mongol  Vongon tribe have asked as part of their payment during the
summer campaign months of Ad MMXVIII (2018) that we give them our famously
infused spiced honey beverages, and our sweet sugary treats known as
shortbread cookies. They have been present in their request.

 We would like you to be knowledge and create a beverage based on medieval
history. Your beverage must have the ingredients honey and accompanying
spices, or be brewed with honey & spices. Non-alcoholic versions are
accepted closely based on medieval recipes. Your entry should be 3 bottles
of your world-famous brew, 2 for tasting and 1 for the gift basket. We also
ask for a short bread compliment to your drink. If you would like to make
your own, we encourage this, but we will have some for those unable. In
your entry we encourage some knowledge about your beverage. It can be an
index card, a whole page, or small booklet form. Most importantly We ask
you have fun, be creative, and experiment. We wish the best to all the
competitors. You could be Namrons next brewing champion!

- EdMont Pennyworth
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