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Hospitaler of Namron hospitaler at namron.ansteorra.org
Tue May 1 08:51:10 PDT 2018

Your friendly neighborhood Hospitaler here, to remind you of our upcoming
demo at McCall's Chapel School in Ada. This is a great opportunity to give
back to the community and provide entertainment for a great group of people!

Please add this to your calendar if you're not attending Queen's Champion.
I know we're all very busy in the Spring, but a good turnout for this demo
is important. Both heavy and light fighters are strongly encouraged to join

If you'll be demonstrating Arts and Sciences, and/or providing hands-on
activities, please let me know so we can ensure an adequate supply of
tables. Bards, we would love to have instrumental music or songs! Drummers,
if you have extra drums to let participants play, those would be welcome,

This is an outdoor demo, and in the event of adverse travel or performance
conditions, we will cancel, so be sure to check for updates. Plan to arrive
by 9:30 am for setup. We will have access to restrooms.

Please make note that there is ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING on their grounds once
you pass the cattle guard, not even in your vehicle, so you will need to
walk or drive beyond the entrance. Please respect our host's wishes and
policies in this regard.

In Service,
Frú Kolfinna Egilsdóttir
Hospitaler, Barony of Namron
hospitaler at namron.ansteorra.org
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