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Hello, SCA Family! Beltane was amazing, but it couldn't have been that way without each of you! We have a long list of people who deserve our thanks - so long that we can't begin to cover it here. So if your name isn't on the list that follows, know you are truly and deeply appreciated and you have made my first autocrat experience rewarding and exciting.

Firstly, thank you to Villana - for all the things you did and your excellent mentorship throughout the process. I couldn't have done this without you.
Second, we both want to thank Kyna and Andrew for the opportunity to represent the Barony of Namron at this event and your support throughout the process.
Third, to Uliana. You've done so much to help us out and keep things on track in every way. I can't even count the ways you have absolutely saved us. THANK YOU!
Huge thank you to each of our leaders for the different activities:
Sibylla - Most excellent Tavern! And May Queen/Spang Princess
Oddr - Celtic Games
Muireen - Youth Lightsaber Tourney
Caterina and Orlando - Tear Down and Set Up Coordinators
Angelina - Gate
Aibhilin - Website, Bardic, Jedi Challenge, Commedia
Donnan- Site Herald
Athena - Maypole
Katie - Spanghewing
Maura - Nastycrat
Ayesha - Spang Decorating
Arianna - Waterbearing
Vaduny - Costume Contest
Michelle - Prize Baskets
Captain and the rest of the Pirate Crew - Revel

Thank you also to all our champions - youth, incoming, and outgoing!

And to all those who filled in wherever needed: Cher, Dairmuid, Kitty, tavern helpers, gate-sitters, class teachers, merchants, and many, MANY more!

Finally, thank you so much to those who showed up for setup and/or teardown and trailer loading (and unloading tomorrow!)
Every one of you are the absolute best!

Your Beltane Autocrats,
Lady Stynken and HL Villana
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