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POLLING UPDATE: I found out there is going to be a discussion on the
polling and what it means to become a principality at Samhain and Axeman.
After talking with Their Excellencies, we have decided it will be better to
postpone our polling until December populace meeting (December 6th),
allowing people to attend these meetings if they would like to before
polling. We will be meeting at 7 PM (a little early) to give us more time
for the polling and our December festivities. I updated the date in the
original email below. Absentee polling will still be handled as originally

On Mon, Oct 15, 2018 at 5:44 PM Seneschal of Namron <
seneschal at namron.ansteorra.org> wrote:

> We are being asked to take an Opinion Polling to gauge the support within
> the Northern Region for forming a Principality of Ansteorra. The polling
> will take place at Namron’s December's populace meeting, Thursday December
> 6th, 2018 at the West Wind Unitarian Universalist (1309 W. Boyd, Norman,
> OK, 73069), starting at 7:00 pm. The Northern Regional Seneschal or his
> representative will be available at this meeting to impartially answer any
> questions that people may have and then administer the poll. There is a
> copy of the polling form attached for your reference.

> Anyone who lives within the zip codes of the Northern Region who is not a
> minor may fill out the polling ballot. Input will be accepted from both
> members and non-members. I strongly encourage everyone to participate in
> the polling so your opinion is included.
> The Northern Regional Seneschal put together a list of FAQ's that may help
> answer some of your questions. The FAQ’s include information on
> absentee/proxy polling, information on the responsibilities of a
> Principality, and where to ask additional questions regarding the polling
> (you are also welcome to ask me, but I might need to look into it).
> Q: Why do we want to pursue Principality at this time?
> A: There has been a grassroots movement to move the Northern Region to a
> Principality. This has been discussed for many, many years and many, many
> times. This polling is to gauge interest to help decide if we, as a region,
> should put out efforts towards this goal or should let the subject rest and
> work on other things.
> Q: Does this mean that we must become a Kingdom in the near future?
> A: Not necessarily, but it is the first step in doing so. If the north
> becomes a Principality, becoming a Kingdom will be a whole separate
> application process with more stringent requirements.
> Q: We don't have a name, device, ect. When are we going to decide this?
> A: First steps first. This is the first polling to gauge whether to pursue
> further steps that will include input on the finer details of what the
> potential Principality will look like.
> Q: What are the requirements and responsibilities of a Principality and
> its Coronet?
> A: I have made a link that directly outlines what is written on this
> matter from Society Law.
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/12mAWXwfxwrxEMEH81Rybyvm-joJfGpsH1czna1MPmkA/edit?usp=sharing
> Q: What is the percentage of Yes or No votes needed?
> A: A specific percentage has not been promised. This poll is a measure of
> your opinions, not a vote. Your opinions directly influence whether a
> region can become a Principality; however, it is not the only factor and
> only the Board of Directors can make the decision to create a Principality.
> Q: This polling will destroy our Kingdom!
> A: Not really a question, but ok. The Kingdom of Ansteorra has dealt with
> more contentious questions in the past and survived. The dream is alive and
> resilient within our lands.
> Q: Who can be polled?
> A: Anyone who lives within the zip codes of the Northern Region who is not
> a minor. Input will be accepted from both members and non-members.
> Q: I cannot make it to the polling! I want to be heard! What do I do?
> A: You can be polled by proxy by sending your response by email to:
> northern at seneschal.ansteorra.org
> Be sure to include your Legal Name, SCA Name, Membership Number (if
> applicable), Zip code, and Local SCA group name.
> Q: This FAQ is terrible! It did not answer my question.
> A: Also not a question, but fair enough. Please feel free to send any
> questions to northern at seneschal.ansteorra.org
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