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Thu Nov 14 14:56:35 PST 2019

Greetings Namron!

As the Seneschal has said, we have several volunteer opportunities coming
up soon.  We are accepting event bids for Beltane until next Thursday the 21
st, and we are looking for coordinators to run the Gulf Wars camp, Gulf
Wars camp kitchen (these could be the same person), and Medieval Fair.
for these are also due Nov 21st.  Please email Lorenzo, Her Excellency and
me to be considered or if you have any questions.

We are also taking application for the offices of Herald, Minister of
Children, and Archery Marshal.  The Herald position involves both voice and
book heraldry.  If you are worried about all the public speaking Captain
Savage has volunteered to continue as your deputy to help with the voice
heraldry if you would like him to.  Applicants for the Minister of Children
position must pass a background check before taking office.  If you wish to
be considered for any of these positions, please submit your applications
to: seneschal at namron.ansteorra.org, baron at namron.ansteorra.org,
baroness at namron.ansteorra.org,  and The Northern Regional or Kingdom office
associated with these offices.  Applications for these offices will be due
by December 15th.

Our Barony is so full of talented and hardworking people, we are glad we
have so many ways for people to get more involved!

Yours in Service,

Baron Micolay
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